My pug is stopping during walks to roll in the grass?

My 11 year old pug, whom we rescued two years ago, had been a great walker up until this spring.  Now he stops cold and plants his feet when he doesn't want to talk, and he can't be budged.  Or, he'll stop in the middle of the walk, go on a tree lawn and lay down and then roll in the grass.  He never did this before!  Has anyone else experienced this?  What could be causing this?

Also, my 11 year old female has recently decided she doesn't like her kibble, but will eat the same brand (Wellness Senior) from the can.  She had 11 teeth pulled last year, but had been OK with the kibble after that.  Also, we had been feeding her 1/2 cup of kibble twice a day.  Do we give her the same measurement of the wet, canned food?  The can says she should get a whole can per day, but that seems like an awful lot.


Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

I often think it would be nice to just stop in the middle of a walk and round in the grass! I have a niece that just lays down in gravel.

As for your boy, it could be that it's a new thing he has found he enjoys; his has picked up on a female scent, or he is hot and is trying to cool off; we had long haired GSs that would do that during the summer when they were hot; or just an attempt to scratch his back!

Who knows with these guys why they do anything.... we walked in the lounge last night to find Rexi just laying on his back, legs up with his tongue hanging out in the middle of the rug....I went over and he didn't move just looked up at me, when asked 'what are you doing' he turned his head away; I walked off and left him to it, I have given up asking him what he's doing now, cause who knows!

Oh i cannot comment on food, Rexi decides from day to day whether he likes something or not!

docand (almost 7 years ago)

Lexi likes to roll in grass where a frog died.   So does my lab Libby.  Maybe he smells something dead.YUCK!!!  It's is also a way for them to scratch their backs as Kat said.  Good luck....                          Doc and his girls

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

Well, one thing, it sounds like you are giving them a bit too much food. Usually they call for a 1/4 cup twice a day, so they may be a bit overweight.  The puggie who had the teeth out, she might just find it easier to eat the soft food - but you should still encourage her to use a chew  or some kibble - it helps to clean their (remaining) teeth.  Try the Cesar Milan Natural Dog Bone Treat - they are great - especially the one in little slices.  I never saw a dog that didn't like to roll once in a while.  They just enjoy it.  Esp. when something has died, pooped, threw up or otherwise made it disgusting!

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

I would be checking Molly's teeth. Could have one that is hurting. With the other boy pugger, maybe walking just isn't his thing. At 11yrs. I 'm not surprised. I would just let him go as far as he wants, make walks way shorter. Is it possible that the weather is too hot right now? They don't do well in it. Could be he just wants to stay inside. I only let my pug out in the early morning and after sun goes down when the weather is really hot.

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

My pugs NEVER walk!!  They refuse and plant their feet and won't budge!!  Stellie is 1 and Sam is almost 1 now.  Stellie came to us when she was 4mon. and would never walk but we got Sam as a tiny puppy so I just knew that he would.  Heck no he plants his feet also!!  I thought Stellie wouldn't walk cos she is almost blind but I have no idea why Sam won't walk!  they both run all around the yard...they are just weird little dogs  lolollol....

MustLovePugs (almost 7 years ago)

Does your male pug wear a harness when you take him out. I know with Dunkin he will either rub against something or roll around on the ground to try and get out of his harness. If I don't take it off as soon as we get in the house he will start rubbing up against the cabnets or the stainless steel dishwasher (which is now scratched up) just to try and get the harness off!

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

yes they both do.  Sam doesn't like it one bit, but Stella knows when i put it on her she is going outside in the yard to play!!  Sam just likes to run free in the back