My pug just lost his eye!! :(

Hi everyone, new to this forum but really needed to chat to other pug lovers that may have been through this.
I got home last night and my pugs eye was popped out. Rushed him to the vet hospital immediately and they tried to save his eye
But it had been out for too long. They removed his eye. And now he's home but I feel so responsible! I feel terrible that my puggy lost his eye! He's so sad. It's just so terrible. Anyone got some advice for Nitro and I?


melissa (over 5 years ago)

Hi there I am sorry to hear what happened to your little pug nitro My pug Frankie got attack at the park by a big dog and it rip his eye and it was hang out I rush him to the vet but they were able to save his eye but he is now blind in both eyes He cant see anything but it does not stop him from doing things that he would do if he could see Frankie and I send our love to you and nitro and hope he is ok and you should not feel responsible for it because the vet told me as well that if pugs bang into things it can easily knock there eye out of place so maybe that's what happened to nitro thinking of you both

stellasdad (over 5 years ago)

I just wanted to say, that stella and I are thinking about you. Don't be so hard on yourself. I know it's easier said than done, but he'll get used to it. I'm sure he knows you love him and will take care of him. God Bless.

SiennasMommy (over 5 years ago)

How could you have known, Nitro'sMom? You were out (maybe shopping or at work) and sometimes these things happen. Don't beat yourself up - you didn't cause it or neglect Nitro and you certainly didn't wish it to happen.

Nitro'sMom (over 5 years ago)

Thanks Melissa! I am so happy to hear that your Frankie is doing so well! And thank you for the kind words! Nitro came home from the vet yesterday and is doing well! Apart from crying when he realizes he can't see out of his one eye and not wanting to sleep last night, he's doing surprisingly well! Just wants love and cuddles!

Stellasdad, thank you for the kind words, I am trying hard today to come to grips with what's happened and not blame myself.

SiennasMommy, thank you! I was at work, I got home and found him like this, I just feel awful not knowing how and when it happened. But will try to not beat myself up about it, my heart is just breaking for my boy.

I'm going for laser eye surgery myself in 2 days time, so at least I'll be at home to give him the proper care and attention he needs now.

Thanks everyone!

melissa (over 5 years ago)

Thanks He will gets use to it that's the way Frankie was and after a while he was ok hope hes better soon Frankie and I are thinking of you both we send our love hope it goes well with your laser eye surgery

Teddy's Mummy (over 5 years ago)

Don't blame yourself. It may be tough right now for you both but spend as much time together as you can. It must have been so terrible to see. Ted and I send our love to you both!

SiennasMommy (over 5 years ago)

>Apart from crying when he realizes he can't see out of his one eye
I heard another pug owner who was upset because her baby was going deaf. Someone else responded that "it bothers us more than it bothers them". I had a hard time with that. Sienna loves watching tv, especially animal planet. She barks at the other dogs and tries to look behind the tv set to make sure they're not in her house.

That statement "Apart from crying when he realizes he can't see out of his one eye" tells me that it does bother them, too.

minathepug (over 2 years ago)

yesterday my pug lost her eye , can someone please give me some advice in how to make her feel better. I am so so sad, she is like my daughter