My pug smells

My pug smells bad all the time, and I give him baths alot, but still doesn't help.  And I know it can be his wrinkle, but I clean it everyday.  Does anyone have suggestions?  I think the smell is coming from his face, is their any good cleaners to use on his wrinkle/face?


Shea (over 6 years ago)

Have you checked his ears and teeth?  As for cleaners I don't know,  I use nothing but warm water on Lola's wrinkles.  Don't bathe him too often, that can strip the natural oils that protect his skin, cause itchy dry, flaky skin and allow bacteria infections to grow.   I have never had a problem with Lola smelling, maybe some of the others here will have some suggestions that will help you.

RosienMikeysMom (over 6 years ago)

make sure the smell isn't coming from his ears...take a good sniff. a nasty smell from a clean dog, whether it be from wrinkles or ears usually indicates an infection of some sort and a vet visit might be needed. and as shea said, it might be his teeth, smell his breath. if he has stinky breath, he might need a teeth cleaning due to tarter build up or infection.

docand (over 6 years ago)

I've noticed that Lexi's face will smell when she has eye gook under her eyes. I usually will take a baby wipe(unscented) and clean her face. This takes the smell away for awhile.  Good luck!                        Doc

Pokiko (over 6 years ago)

Especially pug, we have to clean their ears twice a week, wipe their face everyday and everytime they drink even better dan don't forget to wipe after their small or big business.........

I think the best shampoo is Oat Meal shampoo. After using this shampoo my pug don't scrath

BabyRoseo96o (over 6 years ago)

Hi there, I have endured this same issue and have been to the vet about it as pug otis used to smell like a dirty sock and it wasnt just a mild odor, this could be smelled in the entire it turned out it was indeed my pugs face and the reason for it was environmental allergies..what happened is his eyes would water constantly due to his allergies and the water from his eyes was dripping into the wrinkles on his face causing the horrible odor..the water in the wrinkle was allowing bacteria to grow because it was wet and dark...once i got the solution from the vet and cleaned it the smell went away.. also his ears stunk but this was due to his food allergies so not only does my dog have pollen allergies hes allergic to nearly every food manufactured..but since i figured this out he hasn't stunk since....

JanandSass (over 6 years ago)

If the baths are not helping, reduce it to no more than once a month!  It will dry out her skin if you bathe too often!  Just give her face a wipe every day with a clean cloth.  You need to have her checked for ear mites and tooth tartar too.  Other than that, its probably just doggie odor.  Get your vet to do an estimation on the "stinky factory" - might be just her natural smell.  She should smell slightly like a corn chip - but not a dirty sock"!

lannaguild (over 6 years ago)

thanks everyone for the great advice.  I clean my pugs face and wrinkly everyday with a wetnap, so there has to be a underlying problem.  Thanks to BabyRoseo96o I wonder if it is allergies, cause he sneezes alot! and his eyes have goobers in them alot!!  I have also tired definitly food because he seems to have a sensitive tummy, but I can only buy dog food in it that has the chewy chunks like benefial, cause otherwise he cant chew them.  I am taking him to the vet today, so hopefully he will help! I will update you all later.

lannaguild (over 6 years ago)

took duds to the vet and looks like his poor wrinkle is infected!! poor little guy, so got some antibiotics and a solution to clean it with, so hopefully he should be as new soon!

pugpack (over 6 years ago)

Hi all, My pugs absolutely honk!!! They get regular baths, their beds are changed at least twice every week and I have tried all sorts of foods. Help! It's so bad that just picking them up we have to wash our hands. People comment on how bad they stink, even after a bath!

Don't get me started on their breath, It is like a badgers bottom. They all have a fetish for cat poop (I know gross.) We remove the poop as soon as it is done, but sometimes they get under the cat when they are doing it!!! 

I have an aupair/house keeper who's main job is looking after the Pugpack when I'm at work, so they are constantly fussed.

So... what shampoo is best?  We have used Malaseb prescription shampoo, baby shampoo, every brand of dog shampoo... We have tried only bathing every other month, quarterly weekly all made no difference except to the increased honk!

I'm glad it's not just my Pugs that smell

Polly aka The mad Pug lady of Penge, London.

three_cute (over 6 years ago)

Is it their food, are their wrinkles clean, have they been to the vet for a checkup?  Maybe their ears, their anal you brush their teeth?  When we first brought stella home she had a bad habit of her own poop fetish, but now after a year it has stopped.  We brushed her teeth all the time cos of that.  I wash their faces everyday, and clean their wrinkles.  Talk to your vet and see what they say?     Good Luck

Deb and Kids

Kirbythepug (about 6 years ago)

Wow - didn't know how many other pugs smelled. Our pug seems to have a scent gland problem. He always leaves a little "scent" when he jumps on couch. Is there anything we can do?

MaggieMaePug (about 6 years ago)

That 'might" be the scent of leaking anal glands set off by the stretch he makes jumping on the couch-enough pressure to pop a crack in the glands. You have to get them expressed-the vet charges for it but they can show you how to do it yourself-don't try it without anal-expression lessons though b/c you could injure the dog. Also, you may want to try the pure pumpkin everyday-put it in the search bar-there have been many discussions. For my pug it works pretty good but not a perfect 100%. P. U. !