My pug stinks!

Do pugs generally smell? Every since we have had Hugo, he always smell... BADLY.
It is not from his bum and we have had it vet checked and all i get is more product to apply to his body.
We have changed his shampoo and his food (dry in the morning and beef mince at night) and doesn't roll in the soil when outside.
The smell would be described as a strong doggy smell (or worse) and also tends to shed heavily all year round.
Can some one help as i have to leave him outside most of the time and we cant stand his odor and constant shedding.


pugsly (about 9 years ago)

I googled dog smells bad and found some great information that may be of help to you.
Now puggies do shed ,some a lot more than others so constant brushing is a must.
A deshedding comb is a must, as it gets to the thick under coat.
Good luck with your puggie.

tanziesmom (about 9 years ago)

Tamthai, are you wiping his wrinkle daily? Tanzie is now sleeping in bed with us,( YUP Daddy gave in big time!LOL) and i notice that if I don't wash her face and wipe her wrinkle, she smells too much like a DOG! I do bathe her nearly every week and feed her eukanuba, can pumpkin and a bit of milk when she is especially good. Her smell usually comes from her over extended use of smelling all areas where she goes, you know, number 1. It tends to collect in the wrinkle and stink. Keeping him outside probably adds to his odor problem. Try an oatmeal based shampoo and bathe him once a week and take extra care of his wrinkles and as Katiebud 27 says , you may need to really check his ears too.
Good luck with this, I hope it helps you.

predatorpug (about 9 years ago)

I agree with everyone. Every week, I give Kamoku a bath, while I bathe him I take a flea comb and comb him while he has the shampoo on him.(since I've been doing this the shedding is cut at least in half) I use a wash cloth for his wrinkles and face. When we are finally out of the tub we get cotton balls and q-tips and ears cleaned. Then a dry cloth for the wrinkles. This usually keeps Kamoku good. But Kamoku is prone to ear infections and they will smell like old lady. and I have to clean them everyday. Good luck.

frostnipper (about 9 years ago)

I had a doby that had a thyroid problem, he had a foul smell with a bit of an oily coat, Maybe have a T4 test run.....

monica (about 9 years ago)

i had a bad doggie odor coming from piglet last summer even though i was bathing weekly... turns out i wasn't paying close enough attention to the inside of his curl

KatB (about 9 years ago)

When pugs play out side they do pick up the outdoorsie smells. I agree that face washing and ear cleaning are a must. I bath my pugs twice a month in summer, I clean faces twice a week and ears too. What I have found, is a waterless shampoo. I found it at walmart, called waterless bath by minute groom, citrus Mint scent, Red,yellow label with a scruffie dog on it. It is cheap and really takes odor away. Even that dridded butt smell! I take a wet wash cloth and spray this stuff all over it and then wipe my pugs down. It does a great job of freshening the coat. It also has aloe & jojoba in it. You mit try it. Also for shedding, some people take their pugs to groomers and shave them. I hate the thought of this, but some people do it. I just brush more, and use the vacumm more. Pugs are one of the worst for shedding.

SamMorgan (almost 9 years ago)

Yes when my Ma was walking Morgan and I came to hug Morgan her Breath stinks, and she smlled like a sweaty weird man

pugsly (almost 9 years ago)

Tonight Frankies breath was bad enough to gag a moose, I would like to know also what I can give him to stop it.
His teeth are OK but he hasn't had a blood test for infections. They may have gotten into something on there walks.
I googled this some time back but will do it again.

Brian Rocks (almost 9 years ago)

Yes, They are more related to the skunk family then any other breed of dog. It is normal when they stink. You have to wash them normaly. My pug Brian Maxwell stinks too.

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

It seems like each dog in the world generates its own smell. My friend's dog has her very own smell, and Puggy lou does too. All dogs naturally get smelly, especially in the morning when they have been curled up all hot and sweaty... Yuck! But it's true. my recomendation is washing your pug more often, and a lot in the summer when they smell even worse than usual.

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

I don't mean to make light of this important subject but I am laughing my head off:  Descriptions like "smells like an old lady" and "smells like a weird man" are hilarious!   While Maddie has no really distinct smell, she does have a "sweet spot" on her neck, kinda like a baby.  But she can get a big funky (--and Franky, like you, her breath could also kill a moose!  No wonder you are one of her favorites on pugspot!  You two have soooo much in common!)  Anyway, while Maddie has no distinct smell, her "sister" Rosie used to smell like a corn chip!  Seriously! 

(And BTW, I agree with suggestions about cleaning ears and wrinkles carefully.)

RosienMikeysMom (over 8 years ago)

giving your pug a healthy diet will help keep thier coats healthy which in turn will keep any bad doggy smells down. also, as mentioned before, making sure thier wrinkles and ears are clean along with healthy gums and teeth. it all goes hand in hand. be careful not to bathe your pug too often as that can dry thier skin and then you get a whole set of other problems. ever since we adopted mikey, he just smelled like french toast...i don't know why. it's just so nice to give him a hug. rosie really doesn't have a smell although her breath can be a killer sometimes. i add triple pet plaque off to their water bowl and that helps alot. i have also heard that a tiny bit of organic apple cider vinegar(with the mother) added to their water can help. like about a 1/2 teaspoon or so. "the mother" in apple cider vinegar makes it look cloudy but is super healthy. it can also help their digestion.

my lab's paws always smelled like fritos corn chips...lots of dogs paws smell like that....take a sniff and see if your pug's paws smell like might be surprised to find they do!

KatB (over 8 years ago)

I also use the triple pet plaque off in their water bowel. I have also used the one by armon hamor. Bother really work well for the breath, but you have to keep doing it. And Brush their teeth, it will save you in the long run.

Sam Morgan, you kill me!( Smells like sweaty weird man.) That was so funny. They do stink don't they. LOL!

puggylou (over 8 years ago)

puggy stinks too. she is my little smelly buster. but the family thinks her stink is cute. it would be cuter if it smelled GOOD!! we still did not get her new shampoo yet. her last bath was like, in the beginning of june!!!! i know, thats is super long!! i'll give her one this week probably, even when it means i have to use the weird shampoo........

LittleOlive (over 8 years ago)

This kinda makes me giggle too, Madison Rose.  Little Olive still has that same sweet smell on her neck but she is definitely my little Frito when she hasn't had a bath in a while, she smells like a big bag of corn chips.  haha!  Good thing she loves to take baths and showers!  She whines and begs to be put in the tub. 

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

LittleOlive, you're very lucky your little one likes baths.  I'm not especially fond of being dumped in the tub!  Licks and wags from Maddie!

PinkPugINK (over 8 years ago)

Cinnamon usually gets a bath once a month with oatmeal shampoo & gets his wrinkles & ears cleaned so I haven't had a problem with him smelling unless he plays with my brother's lab, Lex. Then he gets covered in drool & stinks! Otherwise, in between baths, Cinnamon smells like the beach! I have no idea why but when I pick him up I can smell sand, the ocean & sunscreen...& he's never been to the beach before...

PinkPugINK (over 8 years ago)

I forgot to say that depending on what Cinnamon eats, he farts a lot & his farts STINK. We call him "litle stinker" all the time because of this.

newpugmom (over 8 years ago)

we give our georgy a bath every week and he enjoys the water so much. also, i wipe his whole face and body with a wash cloth and dog bath wipes everyday. these bath wipes smell so good. i got the powder scent for george and he smells like a baby after wiping him.

pangythepug (over 8 years ago)

When my puggie stinks I start putting about an ounce of apple cider vinegar in her water because it will make her smell better from inside out instead of just the outside like baths do. My puggie also has to have her anal glands cleaned on a regular basis because when they get full it is  a very very bad smell of FUNK

scollely (almost 3 years ago)

Well, this pug just showed up on night while I was playing a video game. I don't have A/C so the door was open and I thought I heard something breathing in the room behind me and there he was. No one seems to own him so I bathed him, removed about 20 ticks, cleaned his face, and ears, and bought him some fancy dog food. I checked his teeth and they are perfect and very clean. I think he must be about one year old. But man oh man this little guy smells bad and farts a lot. He is very nice and knows how to heal, and sit, but this odor is getting to me. I've always kept huskies and this isn't even like a dog to me. I've already become attached to this pug but I may have to find him a really good home if I can not stop the odor. Bad odors really bother me. I'll try the vinegar thing.