My pugs are old enough to be neutered

My vet says my pugs are old enough to be neutered , Booga is 7 months and has to mark everything and hump every female dog in the park. Has anyone had results where this went away or been reduced dramatically? He also barks a lot when running around playing.

Snarf will be 6 months, his problem is separation anxiety, I leave to run errands for no longer than 30 minutes and I get back home he will be acting as I haven't seen him in years, he also shakes and trembles, will the neutering calm this down?


cathym (11 months ago)

First, you cut the risk of getting cancer. My two girls are a year and a half. They are both spayed and still they are still wild and crazy girls. Neutering will help reduce the need to breed. But as far as the humping goes that I think is going to keep happening. My girls hump each other all the time. I was told it is a way of trying to be the alpha dog.