Need Some Informations!!!!!!

Hey this Akki..

i need some information from you all!!

WEll my pup is 3months old..her name is Toffy...well she has dis habit of nibbling which all of thm hv as a pup....n she likes to chew on US!! lol  WEll can any of u tell me how long does this nibbling continues???


docand (about 7 years ago)

My dogs will always give me Love Bites.  They're aren't  bites that hurt, but bites of love.  Puggies have no real way to express their extreme love for you other than nibbling on your arm or fingers.  Lexi will even snap at my nose(just in play), every once in awhile.  Good luck in curing this habit, but I think it's somewhat normal.     Doc and his girls

sky.across.sea (about 7 years ago)

aah she has really sharp teeth hurts pretty bad...thts y i ws kinda u think its nothing to get worried abt right? its just natural stuff?... @ doc

MustLovePugs (about 7 years ago)

I agree that it is normal. Dunkin is now 11 months old and he also gives me love nibbles. When he was little he would get carried away and it would hurt but now its just little love bites. Pugs are such sweet little things! I also need to add that Dunkin does like to chew on what ever he can find but I must say that he is good in the sense that he never has chewed up my furniture and has only destroyed one of my flip flops. Dunkin has lots of toys and it seems that he is always chewing on one of them or walking around the house with one hanging out of his mouth.

bookgirl (about 7 years ago)

Sophie loves to nibble on my feet/toes, but it's a playful thing she's not being mean at all    I've heard that puggies like feet and toes so I figured it was normal and haven't worried about it especially since she's just playing.  Sky, just so you know, I have only had Sophie for a little over a month so I'm new to being owned by a puggy too.     But Sophie is 4 yrs old too, she's not a puppy.  Good luck with your new baby, have fun with the adventure! 

By the way, I'm Mendie and I am owned by Sophie

JanandSass (about 7 years ago)

All puppies have a habit of chewing, whether their toys or your slippers or you!   They tend to play kind of rough!  That's because they don't know better.  You can train them out of it completely in some cases, but if you enjoy playing with your pug baby, it's better to teach them to go easy.  Just keep telling her, and pull away from her if she is too rough!  Eventually she will learn to put less power in her love bites.  This pup is real young, so you have to give her some time and have lots of patience - and chew toys - and hard chewies for her to eat.  Get her a Kong and put peanut butter with kibble mixed in, it will keep her occupies.  (get the smallest size for wee puppy girl!)

cammicam (about 7 years ago)

Sky, just like everyone said above, this is normal.  Cammi has been nibbling on my hands and toes since I was given her.  She also does the snap at my nose, not a mean snap and only with her lips, not with teeth.  I have noticed that she does the nibbles and snaps when she is really excited, or when I have been away from her  and she wants my full attention.

Just get ready soon it will be the best part of your day!!!

KatB (about 7 years ago)

You could try stopping this by scruffing behind the neck, and pushing to the floor. And using a command of "NO Bite", Also watch what games you are playing with your puppy. No games that incurrage biting the fingers. Like tug of war, or letting the pup grab onto toys and draggen them around on the floor, Or any game that is rough housing. Yes, I know there fun. But they can cause more behavor prob. Instead play fetch, or hide a treat and let them find it. They all do this behavor and I know it does hurt. Also make sure your pup has a chew bone to help with the puppy teeth. Those teeth are sharpe! OUCH! HA!

Biggles (about 7 years ago)

It used to drive me crazy when I was trying to train my puppies and my friends would think it was so "Cute" how they would bite! The habit was so hard to break! Definitely start training them as early as possible!I still think "love bites" are okay.. But I make sure to correct them if they actually hurt! They're pretty smart and catch on quickly

I don't have too much of a problem with my puggies biting anymore... Ollie still plays rough from time to time... but we're working on that

My parent's dog does the weirdest thing.. It's almost like a beaver gnawing on wood... Just this really fast nibble type thing. She doesn't bite hard at all.. Just barely touching her teeth on your leg or arm.. or a blankets... anything really, haha. So weird!

Good luck!!! Enjoy your baby!

Kat_and_Rex (about 7 years ago)

Rexi love nibbles too and does nose snaps, mostly when excited to be sitting on someones (normally his granspas) lap or just overly loved up (on me). He would do it and a baby and your right it would really hurt with his razor teeth, but we would just pull  or push him away and say 'ouch' in a hurt manner, if he was to excitied and carried on we would push him away and ingore him; he soon learnt we didn't like it too hard, but sometimes forgets and gets carried away!

Shea (about 7 years ago)

When puppies in a litter play with each other, or with Mom, they can get rough.  When one pup bites a little too hard the other pup will give out a high pitched yelp.  That is the signal that the bite pressure is too hard and the offending pup will adjust the bite pressure.  This works when playing with humans too.  When your pup bites too hard yelp loudly, this will teach him/her how much pressure your willing to tolerate.  If she is stubborn and continues to bite with too much pressure, and most are the first few times, stop the play immediately and ignore her.  It won't take her long to figure out that if she is too rough then the fun ends.

Zuji (10 months ago)

~ Ah, the nose snaps. Itsy-bitsy little nips to communicate feelings.

If there's a bite, I go AUW !!!!!!!! and turn away of briefly depart the scene.

After two weeks of that, Zuji got the message. No more bites.

But the little nose snaps, they're part of life with a tiny puppy.