new pug 14 weeks old too old?

Hi everyone, we are getting a new pug at 14 weeks old.  Does anyone have any experience of getting at puppy at this age, and is it too old to bond with us/get used to a new home? We thought that it was advised to get it at 8-10 weeks old, but due to work commitments we cant get him unitl then.  Will we miss out on his early development and his ability to form a bond with us as his new parents? Thank you so much,  Katy


alhall (almost 7 years ago)

Hi minidisco, I am Amy, mom to Puga, Aubie and Bella.  Bella was 15 weeks old when we got her, also due to being overseas and not returning until she was this age.  She bonded right away with us.  They just want lots of love and attention, no worries you and your new baby will seem as though you were together from day one.

elgor (almost 7 years ago)

Liberty was almost 13 weeks old when we got her. Zoe was almost 9 weeks and Webster was almost 8 weeks. I have to admit that it took her a little longer to bond than it did the other two. (Peyton was 6 months old ... it took him a little longer - he was so confused). I can hold Zoe and Webster like babies because they were so tiny when we got them - they are used to it. I can't do that with Liberty or Peyton. Liberty is 13 months old now ... she is very sweet. Loves to give kisses - all the time! She will climb on you to kiss you. It took her a while to realize that kisses are a good thing! Hopefully the breeder is handling the puppies and they are used to people. That will help him bond with you. Good Luck and keep us posted! Pug Hugs, Ellen

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

Well, shes just a puppy still and will bond to you really well.  If you show her lots of love, she will show love to you.  I got my pug The Sass at 16 months - and she bonded with us really well - although it took a few months.  A puppy that age will bond with you within days!  Dont forget to post some pictures after the new baby arrives!

docand (almost 7 years ago)

Lexi was 3 1/2 years old when we got her.  What a sweet heart she is.  A pug is like a flower, all it takes is a spoonfull of love and it will blossom into a pug-love flower in return.  You will become so attached to your new little pugger and he will to you also.   Welcome to PugSpot.                      Doc and his girls

Frankie2009 (almost 7 years ago)

Well enjoy being pugged.....we found our Frankie at the local animal shelter and he was 11 months didn't take long until he will always follow us around and bonded with u and giving us the look of love and adoration, of course we do the same thing with him, mind you it hard to displine him some times, as he is really good at the " I didn't do it" look. It never too old for them to bond or get used to a new home. Pugs are just naturals about that. Just be prepared for lots of high energy antics....and pugtona' will know when you see it! it when there tail goes down and they run madly all over the is always good for a laugh.

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Any age dog can bond with a new home. 14 weeks is a perfect age, still a puppy. Have lots of fun with your new baby. Congrads!

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

I agree with all the good advice you have gotten on here espically Doc when he says  a pug will bloom as long as they have love given to them.  Our pugs came from some pretty bad conditions and Stella was between 4-6 months of age, and Sam was 11 weeks old.  They both love us dearly and we love them even more dearly!!  We have been pugged!!!  Deb and Kids

kbailey (almost 7 years ago)

I got charka as a puppy and we are absolute soulmates. Then I got sookie as a rescue when she was over a year. I admit I am closer with charka but sookie has fit right in and we love each other so much. Charka and I just share a deep connection, I think we would even if I'd only got him older. I say do what's. Best for your family and as long as you put in the time and attention you will bond. Pugs just love being close to humans at any age

kenv (almost 7 years ago)

As far as Pugs go, I don`t think they are ever too old to bond with people. These little guys (& gals )  only reason to exist is to be a companion to a human being (& other pugs of course) Congrats on your new baby, enjoy being "owned" by a Pug.

PuppyJules (almost 7 years ago)

Julian was 13 weeks when we got him, and he's so tightly bonded we can't hardly move without tripping over him.  I've heard that high end breeders don't let their puppies go before like 12 weeks now anyway, because they think 8 weeks is much too young to take them from mom.  Don't worry, any dog can bond at any age.  The 9 year old bulldog I rescued years ago was the dearest companion I've ever known! 

HANK2008 (almost 7 years ago)

I got my Doug from PAWS shelter at 5 months old.  He bonded so fast I was suprised.  My son said he was like a baby duck that imprinted on me! 

Puglover0625 (almost 7 years ago)

We got Puck at 11 weeks and he bonded to us in a matter of days! He is also bonded with our room mates, one of whom he met when he was a year old and another he just met a few months ago. He loves them both dearly! Pugs will bond with whoever shows them love and puts food in their tummies! lol.

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ This thread offers such a range of experience.

It shows that with love and patience bonding occurs at any age.

Zuji was 7 weeks old when he entered my life. It was far younger than I'd sought, but circumstances required it.

He's become a buddy — playful, affectionate, inquisitive, intelligent.