new pug baby looks like having a heartattack

our new pug baby has been with us 2 days now. when hes with us on the couch or bed he seems ok. its just that he is so excited he seems to be out of breath very easily. and when we put him in his kennel with his toys and stuff it looks like he is freaking out. im really scared hes going to have a heartattack. even when im just standing in the kitchen and hes next to my food it seems like he is very very scared and he wants to be on my arm. i just want him to calm down and not freak out all the time,


cd (over 5 years ago)

he's looking for attention, pugs do that. if he calms down when you pick him up or when he sits with you he is telling you he wants attention. has someone hurt him and he's looking for your protection? if not, then he is showing you that he has picked you to be his soul mate. he may not respond too much to anyone else if this is the case. you may need to sit with him for awhile to calm him when he gets too excited, he is still a puppy and is still settling in, it just takes a bit of time for him to feel comfortable. I'm sure there are others who will respond.

Sazzles (over 5 years ago)

Is it that he is panting heavily? Or are there any other signs of anxiety? What exactly is happening?

If it is just the panting, the first thing that comes to mindis the temperature in the house. Pugs don't do too well in the heat, and if I ever notice mine panting I usually adjust the air, I usually have ours set to somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees. If the temperature gets above 75 degrees she starts to pant, but not a heavy pant.

However, if your house is nice and cool, it's probably not the cause!

If he is in his kennel, it's possible he may be a little upset at being away from you, but if you say he does it when he's standing next to you in the kitchen too, he is with you, so I'm not too sure.

Is he like it pretty much all the time? Or just occasionally?

It will take a while for him to settle in, and get used to his new home and family, it could just be that.

Are you bringing him to a vet for a puppy check, vaccinations etc any time soon? That would be an ideal time to put your mind at ease!

If it really looks like he is having a heart attack, obviously get him to the vet.... But I'm assuming that's a dramatization, and you are just worried about him (which is completely normal, I still worry about my dogs!)

Ribella (over 5 years ago)

thank you very much for your responses! he is doing much better. he seems pretty happy. yesterday when i was cleaning and i put him in his kennel he didnt even cry or anything he just watched me.
I guess he was scared like you said since it was his first day with us. he loves to play and cuddle a lot , hes eating good and drinking. im very relieved he is such a funny little pug and we really enjoy having him. he will get his 3rd shot next wednesday. its so much fun just watching him

Sazzles (over 5 years ago)

Oh good! I'm glad that things have settled now and you can just enjoy having a crazy pug puppy to entertain you!

It must be hard for the little pups leaving behind their pug family and starting over, but they soon forget and take over their new home

KatB (over 5 years ago)

When you have your first vet visit. Have your Vet look at his nose holes (Nares). Sometimes pugs have a problem with this as they are very small, and sometimes need to be opened a bit more with lazor surgery. It helps them breath alittle better. Had to have this done on my own pugs. Just a thought. Make sure also that puppy gets lots of rest time, as new babies can get to much play.

Ribella (over 5 years ago)

the very first time we saw him he came running towards me and his breeder said hes actually a very shy pug. :D

thank you KatB i didnt know that i will write it down so i wont forget!!!

JanandSass (over 5 years ago)

Kat B is right about the nose holes and also about keeping him cool during the heat. If you think he is too hot, take a wash cloth and dampen it with water a bit and just wipe him down gently. He will feel good. Plus puppies need down time, let him lie down close to you when you are taking a nap or lying on the sofa.

z28susan (over 5 years ago)

Our pug Jake needed to have surgery to open his nares and also to have his palate trimmed because of his breathing issues. He continues to have breathing issues and our vet said he believes it is due to him having very small nasal passages and a small trachea also. He knows his limits so when he plays he will rest when he starts getting out of breath. We also keep a close eye on him with the temps. They mostly stay inside during the hot summer months in the air conditioning. Good luck with your new little pug baby!

(over 5 years ago)

My pug did that too when he was of three weeks and it was the first day. My daughter would take him on her lap and make him sleep. But when she would hand paws to me then he would cry. After three days he didn't cry when i took him in my lap. That was a really hard time.

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ When a Pug puppy settles on their soulmate, they yearn to share every waking moment.

The sounds, soulful looks, and elements of drama are communicating what they feel deep inside.

Zuji is underfoot whenever there a leash walk. He's more interested in being close to me than he is in exploring his surroundings.

That requires extra vigilance to avoid accidentally stepping on him, but it's flattering to be so loved.