New PugSpot Emoticons

Thanks to all of you who voted, we now have new pug-themed emoticons!

Below is the listing of what is currently available. We'll have more in the coming weeks.

On the left is the actual icon and on the right is what you would type to have that emoticon show.



KatB (about 9 years ago)

OK! Now I get it. I just posted on how was everyone getting these. I must have missed this when my computer was down for awhile. I'm so happy we can add pug faces now. COOL!

JanandSass (over 5 years ago)

I think these are too complicated. I will use my old method, unless it no longer works. Bring back the good old days!

Shpigford Staff (over 5 years ago)

Sorry about the confusion with this, folks. This post should make more sense now (instead of showing the "jumbled" text.

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ When I first saw these somehow I had difficulty figuring out the kissy face.

Had I been more alert, I'd have used it sooner.

All of them are delightful.