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hello folks!!! my girl just gave birth this evening unfortunately she gone thru c-section and she has mastitis she cant feed her puglets.. and my concern is that she gave birth at around 7pm but we can only pick her up and the babies at 10am the earliest, because that was the vet said.. is it still safe or ok for the puglets for that period of time(15hrs) before they get their first feed at home?? -Tia


cd (7 months ago)

That is too long to go without being fed, your vet should be feeding them for the duration of their stay. The vet should also be able to instruct you of the ways to feed your pups and when to feed them. You will need baby bottles with small nipples and to get a good milk replacement formula to feed the pups. I bottle fed ours every two hours or when they appeared to be hungry (they will easily let you know)