Nostril surgery

Has anyone's little puggy had to have nostril surgery?? The vet is saying Sophie's nostrils are abnormally to small and if they dont open up a little more by 6 months she will have to have surgery has anyone gone through this and it there anything to worry about??? I would be crushed if anything happened to Sophie


Laurie222 (almost 8 years ago)

I guess it is a pretty simple surgery.  My vet thought that maybe my Chloe might need it but by the time she was "fixed", her nostrils had opened a little more & she decided Chloe didn't need it.  But she told me that it is a really simple procedure & it helps the dogs breathing SO much.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 8 years ago)

having small nares is very common in pugs. when i first got my rosie and brought her to the vet for her initial visit, he told me that she might need her nostrils widened. she sounded like she had a stuffy nose. he, like your vet, wanted to wait until she was about 6 months and if needed would do the surgery along with her spay. he assured me that it is a very simple surgery. well, when i brought her back to be spayed at around 5 1/2 months...they hadn't gotten any bigger so she had the surgery along with her spay and a 3 teeth was a busy day for her. when i picked her up, i immediately heard a difference in her breathing. she never bothered with the stitches (some vets do it with laser which is even better) and was absolutely fine. i was glad i made the decision to have it done. i'm sure sophie will be fine if you decide to have the surgery. i know others on here have had it done and hopefully will chime in and tell you their experiences.

Lihuesue (almost 8 years ago)

My Suli had that done this past April.  She is 8 years old.  She also had some other breathing problems.  Her surgeon said it best to try to get as much air into a Pug as possible... Suli had an elgated soft palate that needed to be trimmed and some everted saccules that needed to be removed.

With Pugs you have to be very careful with their breathing... most Pugs breath like a freight train to start wtih.  My lil girl started to get louder and louder and she was having trouble getting air... We thought her allergies were kicking in...  They weren't... she was really have trouble breathing.  The surgeon said she was a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off...  I'm so glad we caught her problem in time... not to much damage to her windpipe... on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst), he said he was about a 3... She can really breath well now...

Not all Pugs need the palate trimmed or have everted saccules... but it's always a good idea when your Pug has to under for a procedure to have the palate checked.  The vets can only check it when the dog is under, they have to really look down deep in the throat.  Like when going for a spay, ask then... she may be a bit young, but ask anyway... From about 18 months on (after they have matured a bit), if they need a dental, ask about the palate... It only takes a minute to look...  I never knew about any of this until my baby had her problem.  I have two other Pugs that are just fine...

Lihuesue (almost 8 years ago)

Oh, they just basically cut the outside of the nose hole and pull the flap back and stitch it up... it really isn't too bad at all... Mine didn't even bother the two lil stitches at all... they just fell out on their own...  It's such a small area, you will be surprised...

snowflake4987 (almost 8 years ago)

thank you so much for you reply did you have to leave your pug overnight for that surgery cuz that bothers me the closer it gets the more worried i am I mean i will definatly let them do the surgery for her sake if she still needs it but im just worried (I worry about sophie probably way to much!!) I have noticed that one of her nostrils has opened up but the other one has not she will be six months old and ready to go back to the vet in about 2 weeks

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

Please don't worry about this surgery. Every pug I have had, My Jap. chin. and some of the pug rescues have had this done. It will really help with your pugs breathing. And won't change their look. So have it done. They are only out for a short time, just long enough for a little snip on both sides. It will look a little funny afterward, just until it heals. Have neosporin on hand and all will be fine. It may be a little sore to touch for them, and exspect some scabbing. You'll still get to hear snoring and snorts from your pugger, but breathing will be alot better. You'll be glad it was done.

dollila (almost 8 years ago)

Our Wyatt had his nose surgery when he was 6 months old, at the same time he was neutered.  He did not have to stay overnight. I felt so bad for him that first night, having had both surgeries I'm sure he was uncomfortable & he did sleep alot. By the next day, he was fine and by the 3rd day you wouldn't have known anything had happened.  He did look funny at first, his nostrils seemed huge but they did return to normal after a short time. They say it adds years to their lives, so when we got Mattie, we checked whether she needed the surgery too.  The vet said she's fine & shouldn't have a problem.  They both breath just fine, but I do notice that Mattie snores more than Wyatt.  Don't worry too much, once it's done, you'll be glad you did it.  Good luck!

Frankpug (almost 8 years ago)

My little frank had surgery in April - he had his nostrils widened and some excess soft tissue removed from his pallet. Poor thing ended up having to have a trachetomoy to speed up his recovery - i was worried sick, but after just 10 days he was running around and breathing so much easier. He has totally recovered and we can see a massive improvement so am so pleased we went ahead with it for Frank's sake! Best Wishes xx

Buddypug (almost 8 years ago)

My little Buddy got it done in May when he got fixed and it improved his breathing immensely! He can play outside longer and he can go on longer walks! It's a very simple procedure and the vet will do it when the pug is under, therefore he/she wont fell anything. Buddy had to keep his stitches in for 10 days, and they didn't seem to bother him at all.

Mom2Pugs (almost 8 years ago)

Desi had this surgery at the same time he had some baby teeth pulled and a hernia fixed.  It really helped him breathe better and he still looks like a pug!  LOL    

Oh, welcome to Pug Spot!  My name is Marti and my two puggers are Desi and Bella 

Martys mummy (over 3 years ago)

Hi sorry I know this is an old post but how did your doggy get on? My puppy may have to have this done he currently has an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis

cd (over 3 years ago)

nostril and palate surgery is usually a voluntary surgery, your pup has medical issues that needs to be treated before you can even consider any surgery. most nose and soft palate surgery is highly successful, laser surgery is usually faster healing and less stressful on the pup. you really need to read up on it,(nares and soft palate in pugs) be sure it is a good option and necessary for your pup

maralyn bloomer (over 3 years ago)

my pug had nasal surgery when she was about 4 years old and it seemed to help. when she was 9 i took her in to get her teeth cleaned and a couple pulled. my vet told me she "really needed the nasal surgery again" because "her nostrils are almost closed". well, a couple of months later after she fully recovered from general anesthesia from getting her teeth pulled, i went ahead with the surgery. another reason i chose to do it was my pug always hiked with me almost everywhere and she was slowing down so much, even on small hikes, that i thought it would even help with this. WRONG. she had the laser surgery and immediately was sick with a green runny nose. blowing out green drainage and obviously in pain. she was put on a dose of antibiotics but here we are, several months later. my pug has never recovered from this last surgery. i saw somewhere that if the vet "clips" the palate a little too much, it can create a "sinus infection" that last forever. I believe this is what has happened. surgery for your pug should be looked at like surgery for yourself. if it works, don't fix it. my girl is 10 and i know FOR SURE this surgery has lessened her days on this planet. i have to put saline drops in her nose daily. she is either blowing out clear drainage, choking, trying to breath with distress. i swear she is turning grey over this. if you have the surgery to open your pugs nostrils, do it only when they are young, not old like my girl, and really discuss the palate issue…does it REALLY need to be trimmed how about just opening the nares a bit and forget the clip? only do a surgery if you absolutely have to.