Off to nurse my wounds now...

Today was the day.  Nail trimming time for Lola.  Tucker goes in the vet gives him his cortisone shot for allergies, nails trimmed, general check up and his Comfortis.  No fuss, one handed job.  Then comes Lola, being a hoover the Comfortis is a treat for her.  Then comes the check up, not to bad, lots of licks and has to look around at every little thing to make sure she doesn't miss something.  Then, oh my God, then the nails.  World War III broke out.  It takes three of us to hold her and one to trim and we all still come out with injuries.  How can one little(OK, not so little)Pug put up such a fuss over something that causes no pain whatsover?  I have a torn shirt and bloody scratches on both arms, my face and somehow she even got my back.  Amazing!  I limped out rather quickly and even though I know the others were wounded I didn't have the heart to stay around and find out how badly.  I do find the "Doesn't like nails trimmed" on the outside of her chart an understatement.  Of course after today it may be changed to "Bitch is just evil when it comes to nail trimming"


RedRoss9 (about 7 years ago)

i share in your pain and embarrasment.   to say that molly does not like her nails trimmed is like saying...that the ocean is a tad wet.  its the understatement of the year.  molly has drawn blood from everyone who has ever had anything to do with getting her nails done.  except for my mother.  i dont get that one at all.

when we used to take her to petsmart (before she mauled everyone there) you could hear her screaming all the way at the opposite side of the store.  people would come running to see what was happening.  once there was only one groomer on duty .  molly takes at least two people for the job.  so, against all rules, i held her while the lady clipped.  we ended up scratched bitten, and only got two paws done.  i was standing in a pool of my own blood.  no lie.  she gouged deep into my arm and wrist with her recently trimmed nails and did some heavy damage.  i wouldnt let go of her, so of course we were both walking up to the registers, she has my blood on her fur, i have bandages upon bandages wrapped around my arm.  my shirt, shorts, socks and shoes were bloody.  we got some looks!  

so never fear, my dear.  your pug isnt some demon child who fears a nail clipping like a vampire fears sunlight.  she is a nice normal pug who isnt shy about letting you know how she feels about things.

Kat_and_Rex (about 7 years ago)

By chance last night we found Rexi's achilles heel, and got his nails trimmed!! Dolly Mixtures (little cubes of soft candy), now rexi doesn't actually get any candy before anyone starts screaming at me for it.

Last night myself and Rexi are sitting with Nana on her bed, Nana loves dolly mixtures in bed at night, she dropped one of course Rexi swooped in and sucked it up before I could grab him, but then we found he so desparately wanted another he sat, very still trying his best to look like a good little boy, everyso often a  small squeak he would do to try and get his Nana's attention but he didn't move an inch, so off I went to find his nail clippers (he would normally follow me if I left the room), I came back and there he was still just sitting.

I took his paw and okay he initially took it away but didn't take his eyes off Nana. one by one I clipped his nails......Amazed to say the least! This evening we are going to try to trim his face the same way!

JanandSass (about 7 years ago)

LOL!  Sacha hates having her nails trimmed and it also takes three to do it - they are so incredibly strong!  What I do now is grab a very hard treat and try to distract her by holding it in her mouth while vet trims her nails.  She has not drawn blood so far though. 

cathym (about 7 years ago)

Both my girls hate having their nails done. But Olivia is the worst, she is Houdini reincarnated.  She manages to get out of every harness known to mankind. As soon as we walk into the groomers she must smell where she is because she does this backing up with a contorting of her body that a Pug should not be able to do. And well right out she comes. Then you go to grab her and of course she tinkles all over the place. I take them in once a month because their nails grow so fast and they bleed when there cut if we don't do it often.

NikkiB (about 7 years ago)

haha Zoey is the exact SAME!! She also used to be a petsmart customer until they explained that the "doesn't like her nails trimmed" comment on her file was a nice way of saying that it takes a small army to restrain her, pretty sure she also mauled everyone there so we stopped going there... Does anyone know of any ways to get them to be more at ease with the nail trimming? I tried to do it myself since she was a puppy, but even then she went crazy at the sight of the nail trimmer, never mind if it comes near her! I have the vet do it now, and she still has a little bit of bleeding usually bc they hit a quick or two, I assume bc she is so difficult to keep still. It makes me feel so guilty, like I am having her tortured! How often do you guys recommend having the nails trimmed?

nicky927 (about 7 years ago)

I feel ya...I've tried all sorts of different places to get Guinness' nails trimmed. I've taken him to the vet office, PetSmart, Groomer, and even tried to do it myself and with help...and it's always the same...squirming and screaming. He's screamed so loud when we were at the vet office you could hear him all the way out in the waiting room (through 2 sets of doors). The lady at PetSmart accidentally clipped the quick and made him bleed from him squirming so much. My husband and I can maybe get like 2 done, he's a bucking bronco and so powerful when you hold him down lol. I've pretty much given up, and let his nails grow like talons. Once they're pretty long, then he goes for the tourture session. Sophie on the other hand, her nails barely grow, or she grinds them down on the concreate outside somehow. Hers are always dainty and short lol

Puglover0625 (about 7 years ago)

Puck is the same way... We take him to a local groomer here and she is a god sent for continuing to take Puck... Once a month we go in and one of my room mates comes with me. It's normally Matt, who is a 6'5" 300 lb guy and he comes out of it looking like he's wrestled a bear! All of my room mates have a "nail clipping shirt" that Puck has torn up. Whoever has to hold Puck ends up with several deep scratches and often times bleeding...

KatB (about 7 years ago)

I know for some pugs and their humans this is horrible. But please keep trying with them. The more it is done the better it will become. I have only had one dog in my whole life that went nuts when it was nail time. That was my MinPin Bonnie B. Not her fault as she had had bad trama to her back foot when she was taken from her first owner. Every time this dog fought and fought. But would let go the anal glands and poop down everyone. It took alot of people to hold her to have this done. I couldn't do this myself when she first came to me. Just no way, and not enough arms. Thank God she never tryed to bit. Many different possitions of holding were tryed. I did take her in to have this done twice a month in hopes that she would ease up with her struggle. And that paid off. Finally, I was able to start doin it myself at home. I have always done nails myself, and when this one came along? I needed more hands. But she finally gave in to it and lays little a darling in my arms to have them done. She gets treats and rubby-dubs every time for a job well done. One thing I learned was to back their little bums in the corner of the couch and lean abit on them. I would take a fingernail file and lightly go over one nail at a time. Even though it wasn't time to cut them. And I would talk in loving tones when they let me. It helps by getting them use to fiddleing with their little feet.

RedRoss9 (about 7 years ago)

if it didnt take both of us to hold her down and trim her nails, i would totally get a video of molly getting her nails done tonight.  it is quite a show.  i count it as my upper body workout.  

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ This is useful to know.

I hadn't realized that nail trimming could be such a traumatic experience.