outdoor pug

My pug Otis loves to be outside no matter what the weather is. Loves water, jumped in the lake last summer, and loves bathes. Anybodies else have an outdoors man??or girl pug?


SiennasMommy (about 5 years ago)

Sienna loves a walk in the park, but she's only good for 15 minutes before she starts to pant. She doesn't like the water much, either.

KatB (about 5 years ago)

When hot weather comes along, china rose still loves to go outside, but she won't stay outside long. I don't let her.

Em (about 5 years ago)

My baby (also an Otis) loves being outside!! We made sure it was secure and nothing he could get to that would harm him and he will play for hours by himself or with us!

z28susan (about 5 years ago)

Our pugs also love to be outside. As long as we are outside they want to be outside also. Our oldest pug, Sheldon loves the water also; the other 2 not so much lol...

MysweetValentine (about 5 years ago)

My Late Gilbert was an outdoor man. He hated being in the house. He would have anxiety attacks if I tried to make him an indoor dog. So, because I didn't want him to be uncomfortable or hurt himself I let him live in the backyard. Now before anyone yells at me about the heat and such. We lived on the side of a mountain, the backyard was well shaded and very securely fenced. I provided a large (but shallow) water bucket, which he would lay in. He had a safe place (dog house), that stayed warm in the winter, and I put it next to the dryer vent so I could run the dryer and warm up his house in the winter. He used to love to jump on his hind legs and chase snowflakes (the snow never stuck around for long, we are in Az) he also LOVED to chase leaves in the fall. I do feel guilty about him being an outside dog, considering I was raised with pugs and know about their health issues. Gilbert was very healthy, he lived to be 16 1/2. So I think that sometimes environment and pug personalities can dictate the circumstances.

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Zuji hasn't yet come to terms with being outside for brief mini-walks.

He sticks very close to my sandals, not exploring much.

There are occasional sallies out to look at something, but just as abruptly he's back.

No panting, but he's taking his time in learning the joys of nature, unlike me, a professional naturalist.

He's definitely a sweet little house dog. Perhaps in time he'll expand his interests.