Peeing on EVERYTHING!!

So, Ludo has started just peeing on everything.

We went months without any problems and now he is marking stuff left and right.  What do I do? It's so frustrating!!!

I wash clothes, he pees on the laundry basked, he pees on the side of the refrigerator....just whatever he can hike his leg on!  Please help!

He will even do it when we see him raise his leg, we will say no, and he will still potty and then run off because he knows its not okay!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!


RosienMikeysMom (almost 7 years ago)

is he neutered yet? if not, that would help. make sure you clean up everything with a neutralizer like nature's miracle. looks like you have to go back to potty training 101. take him out often. if you see him sniffing around...take him out. if you see him starting to go in the house, say a firm NO, pick him up (even in mid stream) and take him outside. you might have to gate him in the kitchen if you can't keep an eye on him until he can be trusted. also, if he is going more than normally...i would take him in for a check up to make sure he doesn't have a UTI. good luck.

RedRoss9 (almost 7 years ago)

In addition to what RosienMikeysMom said, I would recommend purchasing or making a wonderful device called a belly band.  I use them with all of my male fosters and it has saved my house from the horrors of doggie pee!  Well, from the boys at least.  A belly band is a fabric band with velcro on each end that goes around your little pee-monsters belly and velcros on his back.  You place an incontinence pad (Depends, Poise, whatever) in the band then wrap it around the offenders belly, making sure that the pad is over his business (if you know what I mean).  That way, he can hike his leg all he wants, but nothing is going to spray on your furniture, walls, appliances, toys, other dogs, etc.  It doesn't rid you of the underlying cause, but it does rid you of the need to clean up after an accident. 

You can order them through my rescue organization or you can make them yourself, if you're so inclined.  Here's the link to the ones that my org sells.

Hope this helps some. 


BleusMommy (almost 7 years ago)

You are so not alone.  All of the sudden, Bleu started doing the same and around the same time.  Something in the air with spring maybe?  Bleu is also fixed and we took him to the vet, who tested his urine (yeah, collecting urine from a pug is so fun...)  Nothing was wrong with him.  So we just took a couple steps back and did some retraining, such as not allowed out of the room that we're in.  Even for one minute!  So far, he's back to his usual self. 

RedRoss9 (almost 7 years ago)

Hmmmm...I think it might, Doc, but I feel that CPS would look down on that a bit.    Unless the kids are like...under 4 years old.  Then I think that would be ok.  Maybe.  I don't know much about kids.

docand (almost 7 years ago)

Maybe that's what diapers were invented for.  A human belly band.  Yep!  CPS would not like belly bands.HA!

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Carol and Red. Took the words right out of my mouth. HA!  Belly bands are a furniture/floor saver. I use them on my fosters and Mr. Jiminy lives in one. For problem dogs it will take the stress off your mind, until you get it under control.

Ludos Mom. You can also treaten to tie it in a knot. TeeHee!

chicodapug (almost 7 years ago)

My boy Chico has been doing that all of a sudden too. Looks like im going to have to get the gate and news paper back out and retraining him. Thing is he is older. And all of a sudden he pees on anything plastic! Trash cans, laundry baskets, shoes, fan bases, anything plastic. He just pees on it. Any clues on why my pug loves plastic items to pee on?

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Ludosmomma, Is he neutured??? If not it's time to do it. It would make a big difference. And I promise he won't miss ...... at all. Teehee.