Pepper loves to do the pug head tilt

This cracks me up every time!  Do all pugs do this?


Frankie2009 (almost 6 years ago)

  yes everyone's Pug does this.....I don't think there is a pug that doesn't!!! Our Frankie does it, but not a lot but it always cute when he does!  All dogs do but Pugs have made it a part of there charm. Sometimes when FRank does it when I talk to him, I swear he understands every word.....I'd like to think he does.

HANK2008 (almost 6 years ago)

Haha! My Doug also does the tilt when he's getting a good talking to.  I think its so cute when they do it

docand (almost 6 years ago)

They can melt your heart when they do this in times of correction....  So cute.     Doc

three_cute (almost 6 years ago)

head tilts and pugs go hand in hand....i love it when ours do it...trudy does it the most, she just listens, and listens to us talk!

Zuji (about 1 month ago)

~ The head tilt occurs when I least expect it.

Zuji looks at me, his tiny puppy face tilted, while I struggle not to laugh.

His little looks run the gamut. There was definite smiling both yesterday and today.