Please help urgent


I'm new to this site and need help!

I have a pug named mini and she has a problem with her skin.

I have taken her to 2 different vets and they don't know what it is.

They have done skin scrapping and nothing showed up they gave her antibiotics and some hibbi scrub and it didn't help!

It's not fox mange been confirmed by vets

Her hair falls out from time to time and then she itches which makes her skin bleed.

And becomes bold mostly at the back of her and on top of her head.
I have some pictures if you would like to see them but can't seem to upload to this post

We use advocate so not fleas

She is fine in herself

Please help.

Many thanks


Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Hi, Bekka88!

That's a serious dermatological issue.

Hair loss, baldness and bleeding skin sounds like a major problem.

When two veterinarians have been unable to diagnose, it would require specialists at a veterinary college to determine Mini's ailment.

I hope that you'll soon find an answer to end Mini's discomfort.

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Bekka88:

Like you, I've been unable to upload images to this site.

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Yes, a fairly serious food allergy might cause the hair loss.

Has there been any dietary change this year?

Such as a different brand of food, or a different type of treat?

Bekka88 (11 months ago)

No there hasn't been any changes to her diet .

It would help if I could upload some pictures for you all to see!

cathym (11 months ago)

Ok this has nothing to do with pugs. I have a cat Seamus who at 7 years old got the funds. I spent over a 1000.00 dollars for the vets to figure out what was wrong with him. Turns out I figured out he was allergic to chicken. I found through chewy that boar and blueberries was the key. Since he has been eating third his bowels are fine. Don.t get me wrong. It is exspense

Romeo & Juliet (11 months ago)

Yeah,my pug Juliet has the same condition.I suggest giving mini a skin treatment medicine,but it will make your dog purple(no physical side effects)and it will help you.