Pug Barking & Screaming

Everytime I go to certain public places, I always enjoy bringing my Pug Bridget along with me. I would love to bring my Pug Samantha along as well, but I just cannot do it at all. Everytime that I bring her to a public area (especially PetCo and PetsMart) as well as my own veterinarian's office...she will start barking, crying, and screaming like crazy. She will do it out of sheer excitement, whenever she wants attention, whenever she sees other dogs (especially other Pugs) pass by, going for walks, sometimes going to work with me, and every single time I leave her alone inside of my bedroom with the door closed or inside of a crate for long periods of time or for short periods of time. It is like she has to be with me every single second of the day. It is so loud that my neighbors will sometimes complain and I can totally hear it from right outside of my house. I am totally at my wits end. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of to keep her quiet. I have tried praising her when she is quiet, I have tried distracting her with toys, I have tried distracting her with treats (including small pieces of chicken and sausage), and I have even tried aroma therepy. If I could get some help with this, I will truly appreciate it.


LiaandMaggee (over 8 years ago)

maggs does the same when she plays with winston!

almost to the point where i think he's hurting her - but he's not...maybe it's a pug thing? either way i'd be happy to hear what other people have to say too!

RosienMikeysMom (over 8 years ago)

have you tried a spray bottle with water? giving a treat or toy to distract her will only reinforce the behavior. i would try taking her out more along with the spray bottle so she gets used to being around others and socializing. when she starts barking, screaming etc....spray her. it won't hurt her and will hopefully snap her out of it. when she does it walking...gently give her a tug and keep going so she focuses on the walk and not what is going on around her. don't start talking to her, telling her "it's ok", that also reinforces it, yelling at her will only excite her more. good luck

as far as when they are playing...well, they are just playing. just keep an eye on them to make sure it is nothing more than that.

KatB (over 8 years ago)

GaPuglover, I totally agree with RosienMikeysMom, The Water spray bottle is going to be your best friend. Buy a smaller one to take with you. Every time Samantha does this behavor, have some fun and let her have it. When you squirt her though make sure you yell Quit! That will be your command to stop. Keep the bottle out so you have it ready. It may take awhile for her to figure it out, or it could work fast. We use them as training tools in my class. I have one in everyroom at home, ready to stop bad behavor at any given moment. LOL!  P.S. I don't know where this student got this, but he came to class once with a childs squirt gun in a cowboy holster. He ware it to every class. LOL! He doesn't come anymore as he graduated.

danah (over 8 years ago)

Man, don't let my 16yr. old son read that...he will be at the store buying the gun and holster yesterday!

PugLover521 (over 8 years ago)

Max does the same thing when he is out for walks and see other ppl and wants attention and especially when we have company over and when they leave he goes crazy

nicky927 (over 8 years ago)

Screaming? Like barking wildly? Sophie never has this problem, so I really can't offer any advice. She only barks when someone knocks on the door. Which is nice since sometimes we can't hear it. When shes on walks she gets excited if she sees another person or dog, but she just pulls a little on the leash, and then I tug it a little and she relaxes.

danah (over 8 years ago)

Oh yeah, I remember one time I took Bentley to the vet on a Saturday and a fill in vet was there and wanted to look in his ears....he was about 3-4months old and when the vet touched his ears he squealed like no other!!  I have never thru the years heard that kind of sound coming out of a dogs mouth!!!

GAPugLover (over 8 years ago)

Nicky927-Yes and yes, she has started having this problem when she turned a year old last March.

RoseynMikeysMom- I have not tried a water bottle, I will definitely start doing that. Thank you so much for the great advice.

RosynMikeysMom & KatB-Thanks so much for the awesome solutions. I will definitely start using a water bottle and using how you both have stated. 

Mom2Pugs (over 8 years ago)

GAPugLover, Carol and KatB are right with the water gun!  Desi is stuborn and when we needed to break him of the barking and clawing at the fence the water gun....okay water cannon did the job!  Well, I had to get him from across the yard.  And I must say, I became quite a shot with that thing!  LOL

Oh, here is my idea...when we leave for the day we leave on the TV or radio so they get the felling there is a person in the house.  Maybe this would be comforting to Samantha. 

Anyway, good luck and give her a big pug hug from us!  Marti 

KatB (over 8 years ago)

I use my water bottles for all sort of bad behavor too. Some pugs it doesn't help. But some don't like it and it becames a big help. I have alot of flower beds in the back yard. And I used water, to teach them to stay out of them. Worked great. Now if they see me pick it up, everybody stops and drops the head. Like don't squirt my momma. I'll be good. LOL!

GAPugLover (over 8 years ago)

Mom2Pugs, I will definitely give that a try. I sure hope so, I will try anything at this point. I will definitely give her a Pug for you Marti. I know that she could always use one.

Jenrae (over 8 years ago)

Onyx screams when Daddy goes out and gets in the car!!!Its not a bark its a SCREAM !!!!! Like a 2 year old not wanting Mommy to leave!!!!! She does not do this if I leave or if we leave together , just when he goes.   She doesnt mind water in the face she just shakes her head and keeps on screaming. It helps some if I pick her up and cuddle her , it gets softer but it doesnt stop until the car is out of site!!!

BunnyPug (over 8 years ago)

The screams are so crazy!  The first time I asked my neighbor to check on Bunny while I was away at work and unable to come home for lunch I warned her that Bunny would scream when she left.  She thought I was joking and that I meant she would bark some.  When I got home she told me how she screamed and was so surprised.  I wasn't sure if anyone else's pug actually screamed...I guess it's not just me!

KatB (over 8 years ago)

OMG! Yes. I call it the puggy scream. It is so funny! I probably told this story before, but here goes again. China Rose was working her OB training in the ring one night with me. We were standing next to a lady with a springer spaniel. Her dog kept barking for no reason. It must have made Rosie mad, cause the next thing I knew, she took off chasing this dog around the owner legs at top speed. Rosie was doing the Puggy Scream!  Everyone was laughing so hard. It took a min or 2 to get them back under control. The instructor ask me what was that all about, as Rose is the most obediant dog in that class. I said, " I think she was telling the dog to shut up!" "Youz gettin on myz nerves". BTW- The dog didn't bark anymore that night. HA!