Pug Bumps

Stella came down with two little red bumps on her lip area last night, within a couple of hours they had a yellow/white look to them.  This morning I notice they are red/pink ...what are they and how do I take care of them.  It is the first time I have ever seen them on her face.


KatB (almost 7 years ago)

two cute. This is pug acne. They all get it. Usually in the young years until about 11/2. They can also get it once in a while when older. I know they look bad and sore. And sometimes they do get really sore to touch. To help this, keep faces, and wrinkles really clean. You will hear from some on here about different product they use to treat. I use witch hazel ( but be careful not to get it in the eyes) or stridex pads. If it does get to bad though and you think there are to many let your vet know. But these bumps are normal for a pugger to get at this age. Try not to worry to much ok. We all have gone through this with our puggers. It normal.

PeteyPug (almost 7 years ago)

My vet said it can be caused by oils in dog food or even irritation from their dog food bowl.  Not sure how to help with the existing bumps, but for future prevention, she said to keep pug's bowl clean and even to gently wash pug's chin/lips with a mild soap - even dish soap - and then rinse.

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

PeteyPug is right on with the bowls. Never use plastic. Ceramic??? Try to stay with steel bowls. They can be kept cleaner and easy to sterialize better. Owning pugs you have to make it a everyday thing of washing wrinkles and faces. It's a must do.

larrydavid (almost 7 years ago)

larrys going through tthis for the second time, it is pug acne, it's yuck. and looks painful. i agree with others, DEFINITELY stainless steel bowls, wash them after every meal, use a baby wipe to clean his face off after eating (or wet cloth) and i use Maloket wipes (you can get these off of Amazon, there around $8 for a 50 pad jar. they look like human acne pads, but i apply them to his chin each night, so as to let it sink in and where he wont smudge it off by eating or drinking. 

keep up with it, it does work, larrys chin was almost as big as his upper mouth, but they have gone down considerably

MySkye (almost 7 years ago)

my lil skye had these and i just used salt water to keep them clean and patted it dry with a bit of antibac powder and they never caused her any discomfort.. they didnt last long and she is spot free now..

I was told the same its another one of those pug things! but they are such lovely dogs, nothing she could do would make us love her any less..

dont worry just enjoy..X

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Our pug bumps have cleared up and I switched bowls.  Why is it they aren't supposed to have plastic?  They mostly eat dry food so it must have been the bowls???  I used a little witch hazel also.  Thanks for all your information.

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Because you can't get the bacteria out of the plastic ones as well as the steel. I'm not a science person, HAHA! But you can sanitized the steel much much better.  Example: have you ever stored an onion or like greasie soup, in a plastic bowl or container? And you wash it and the smell/grease is there for ever in the plastic. Kinda like that. Steel is way better. Even dry dog food has a little oil to it.