pug head tilt

hi again fellow pug lovers!

how do i train my 6 month old, george, to do the head tilt? i've been trying to make him do this for the longest time... but... no luck yet. i just think pugs doing the head tilt is  toooooo cute, funny and adorable!


PinkPugINK (about 8 years ago)

He'll do it himself when he's confused...when I talk in a high pitched voice to Cinnamon, he does it. Or when he hears a new sound that he's never heard before. I'm sure George will be doing the head tilt in no time!

nicky927 (about 8 years ago)

Yep high pitch noises, asking questions "wanna go for a walk?", "wanna go out?", and hearing things on TV does it for Sophie.

pugsly (about 8 years ago)

Pugsly tilts his head all the time as if he is trying to understand what I'm saying, he knows dog park, car ride,petco and potty so his does head tilts all the time. The other 2 never tilt there heads they just look at me with adoring eyes but if they know what I'm saying they will jump up and do the snoopy dance. I don't know if pugs can be trained to do this, but I hope George does it, It's so cute. Good luck

RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

i don't think you can train your pug to tilt their heads...just an inborn thing. rosie does it whenever you talk to her, high pitched or not. i think she is more of the thinker in the group. mikey only does it once in a while....usually when he hears a strange noise. it's so funny when they are side by side and do it in unison.

puggylou (about 8 years ago)

well, it is not really a trick to learn. but it is simple. all you have to do is tilt your head back and fouth, and ask your puggy questions. this is how i do it to puggy lou: i look at her and tilt my head back fourth and ask puggy, "puggylou, do you wanna go for a walk? do you wanna play with your toys? do you wanna see your friends? oh puggy, your so cute! wanna go for a walk? wanna take a nap?" but you have to make sure your pug is paying attention to you while you do it!!

but puggy lou also tilts her head when she hears some weird noises like the cat meow, or another dog barking.

Mom2Pugs (about 8 years ago)

I agree that the head tilt is just something a pug just does, or not.  Bella, my little girl pug tilts her head when ever you speek to her or she hears an odd noise.  Desi, on the other hand only does it occasionally and that is usually because we are trying to get him to do it by making funny noises and asking him questions like, you want to go for a RIDE???  I think Puggy Lou is on the right track, they have to pay attention to you, that is the key....let us know when George does his first head tilt!   Good luck!  Marti, Desi and Bella 

newpugmom (almost 8 years ago)

hello all! thanks so much for all your replies. i appreciate it. i've been talking to george in high pitched voice everyday and asking him confusing questions. but till this day he still hasn't done it. i really think the head tilt is the cutest thing ever! i saw some videos in youtube and i love them! i am so envious of you guys coz your pugs are doing the head tilt already.

how old did they start doing the head tilt? my georgy porgy is 6 months old now.

like always.... thanks for all your support my fellow pug moms! you guys are awesome!

pugsly (almost 8 years ago)

If I howl at Robbie he will tilt his head, but tonight when I did the howl  his head was tilted and when he heard me howl his head went straight. go figure.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 8 years ago)

rosie started doing it the first week we had her....she was about 9 weeks old...as soon as she was comfortable in the house. when we first adopted mikey, he was about 1 1/2 years old at the time, he didn't tilt his head. it took him about a month before his head started tilting.

puggylou (almost 8 years ago)

yes. ginge, iv'e seen that so many times!! it's great! do you wanna go for a walk at the dog park? wanna go for a ride?! ha!!

newpugmom (almost 8 years ago)

yeah... i saw that video too!! isn't that toooo cute? seriously... that video is one of the reasons we got a pug. the owner of that video has a lot more cutie videos of his adorable pugs!  

check out also pizza pug on youtube. the pug has the cutest puppy eyes!!


KatB (almost 8 years ago)

newpugmom, patients. Your pugger will soon start doing the head tilt. They all do it. Pink pug ink has the right idea. They usually do it when they hear a funny sound, or you ask them a question. Dogs do learn certain human words and phrases, like do you want to go out side, do you want to go for a walk? If you use the same phrases he/she will catch on. Try making a bumble bee buzz noise that usually gets um.

Corsario (almost 8 years ago)

You know the head tilting has a scientific reason behind it - dogs do that to adjust their ears to where the sound is coming from (usually above their heads).

Knowing that, I haven't tried that hard to get Xavi to do the head tilts. He's almost 1 and he barely move his head sideways. Then again, he is a "climber" (always climbs on top of something to be at our eye level) so maybe he doesn't need to.

All pugs are different, though - I always play him music or weird sounds with my phone and he just ignores them, like he ignores the TV - but if he hears another dog barking like 2 blocks away, he goes insane!

puggylou (almost 8 years ago)

hey cassie you stole that from me cause i showed it to you!! its my absalute FAVORITE video on youtube. look it up. it is called morphing pug and it is so adorable and funny. me and my sister were laughing our heads off when we first saw it!!

newpugmom (almost 8 years ago)

pug master and puggylou... i just watched the pug video on youtube...you guys are right.... it's sooooo cute!!!