Pug nose roll wrinkle care

Rileys nose roll wrinkle has been a bit red and inflamed. I just got malaket wipes. Anyone know how often they can be used?


Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Rileyboy2017:

Do you mean how often may each individual wipe be used?


Rileyboy2017 (12 months ago)

No I meant how often i should use them like once a day or only a few times a week not each individual wipe.

PugHotel (8 months ago)

Personally I would only use the Malaket wipes once per week, but it's important to clean your pug's wrinkle every day. We do this with cotton wool balls and saline solution, which is very effective and cheap. If Riley's wrinkles are red then it it s a sign of a possible infection which will need treating by a vet. Some pugs need their wrinkles cleaned more often, so if you've been doing it once per day and it's still turned red and inflamed, then chances are you'll need to clean them twice per day.

cd (8 months ago)

PugHotel..You are cleaning the wrinkles too often, that is why it is red. Too much irritation. I clean my pugs nose once a week sometimes once every two weeks. Sometimes not even that often. The pug's let me know by rubbing their face on things. That is when I clean their nose wrinkles..