Pug seizures

I have a 8 year old male pug... Aprox 5 years ago out of no where he had a seizure.. He kinda fell over and his legs where moving like he was running in reverse, his eyes got big and he was breathing heavy and pushing he head against stuff... (Scared the crap out of me)

Then a few months later he had another seizure same thing, pushing his head against the couch, laying on his side running backwards, big eyes.

A while went buy and nothing, Then one day he was freaking out barking came running to my husband and I fell over and had a seizure, then another time he knocked over the baby gate, came running to us and went into a seziure.

The last time he had one was july 4th and he had 2 in a row, fell over acted like he was running backwards, eyes huge...

But every time he has a seziure it lasts about 1-2 mintues, then they end and he acts like nothing happened, he will go back to playing with a toy, begging for food what ever he was doing right before, hes a big sleepy and groggy but its like he snaps out of it and doesnt even know he had one, yet he comes to find us before he has one.

Has anyone else had this happen or know what my cause it or whats going on? its sooooooo scary he never had this as a puppy and is healthy and active otherwise.

thanks Egypt (human) and King tut (pug)


Frankie2009 (almost 8 years ago)

They always are scary and disconcerning for us as Pug parents.  My Old dog "Dusty" use to have them...more in the early spring and early fall. With her after she had one, she would have to go potty...and throw up....then sleep for a bit then was right back to her normal self. Her paw would go stiff and be at the side of her face..is how we new. We found that a cold cloth and rubbing her chest helped. All dogs are diffrent, it maybe his way of being scared himself.....and wanting comfort, as I know I be that same way myself if I had one! Have you talked to your Vet about it??? they probally would have more usefull advice on it...as well there are probally lots of people who would have advice on this as well. It seems as long as he act normal right after...it is probally not too seroius...but at 8 he is getting into the senior dog realm....better to be safe than sorry, and get him checked out. Also My "dusty" didn't have her firts one until she was 2 years old...she lived to be 16 years with no medications for it. So a scary as it is...it may not be a health threat. But just get it checked out if you have not already.

kbailey (almost 8 years ago)

My pug hasn't had any but I used to have a spaniel with epilepsy. Her seizures were controlled with medication but it might be different kinds of seizures. They are very scarey and I've heard that they are quite common in pugs. Good luck xxx

RosienMikeysMom (almost 8 years ago)

hi egyptandtut...my rescue mikey has seizures. a month after we got him he had his first one and it freaked me out. it was when he was awakened suddenly and jumped off the bed. he has them about 4x a year. we try to avoid that situation. he also will come find me before he goes into it as if to say "mommy, i need you with me". the last one he had about a month ago concerned me cause he had one in the middle of the night in bed. there are so many reasons why they might have a seizure...allergic reactions, epilepsy, and possibly other health issues. i would keep a log of exactly what happens before, after and during the seizure. try and remember what he did before and what he ate that day...anything you can. also, keep a camera ready at all times and try and tape it. i know that's really hard to do but it will help your vet to determine the kind of seizure. my vet and i have had many discussions about mikey and we have decided that putting him on meds right now is not the way to go. meds are usually for dogs that have them a few times a month or more. they will usually make them less frequent (about 3-4x a year) so if that is all he is having them now, why medicate him? i would discuss it with your vet and make sure that he is in good health otherwise and if your vet can find a reason for them. sometimes, it's just something to keep an eye on and deal with like i am doing. good luck with your little guy and if you have any questions or need some support, feel free to message me...i know what you are going thru...carol

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

I am so sorry your little pugger is having seizures. I am very much in agreement with Carol. He is coming to find you out of fear of it. He must feel it coming on and knows what is coming. Your story just melts my heart and it made me really cry. I lost a pug to poisoning (long story) and she had seizures. They are very scary to watch. But I was told by my vet once while on the phone direct while my pug was in the middle of a long one, He kept telling me to talk soft and warm to my pug. Let them know you are right there with them. I don't know if they can hear us, I'd like to hope they can. But doing so made me feel better, and not so helpless, not know what else to do. But I would like to feel that they do know we are right there by them, and sending all our love and hope into them so THEY are not to scared. Letting them know we love them so. Prayers for your pugger. And next time it happens? Feel a hug from me around you for support. In our love for pugs we share.

Feebs1234 (about 5 years ago)

This is happening to my pug now, he has had 2 seizures today and has just came out of a long one and is now running backwards and panting. We have been to the bets several times about him as they think he has a brain problem and the mri scan is too much and we cant afford it at the moment! We were thinking of putting him down but now he seems better and now this!! Someone please help im worried about my little cosmo! Zx

KatB (about 5 years ago)

Feebs1234, Seizures are so scary. I hope you are able to get some answers from your Vet. Do keep a log as Carol advised above of what time, how long it lasted, This helps the Vet., and video tape if possible. When it happens just talk softly and make sure you pull him to an area where he can't hurt himself until it passes. Seizures, take alot of energy out of them and they do sleep afterwards. Hang in there. Sending prayers for you both.