Puggy not barking!

Hi guys, I was just wondering when do puppies start baring? My pug is around 12 weeks old and not a beep, only crying at night, I know other breeds at his age would be barking already.






nattiecat85 (about 8 years ago)

hey hun. i have a four year old pug and to be honest she rarely barks at all. i can tell u honestly that i have only heard her bark a hand full of times,, i thought it was just my pug that was quite .. i dunno maybe they are all like that.  i want to teach my pug to speak but she does not bark enough for me to do this..and yes i hear her cry more than she barks.

RedRoss9 (about 8 years ago)

Be thankful for small gifts!  My Molly barks all the time.  At cars.  At trees, grass, the floor, the couch, at doors.  She barks at me when she wants attention and when she doesn't want attention.  She barks at dinner time.  I think you probably just have a naturally quiet pug!  My Molly was already yipping and yapping at everything and nothing at that point.  So...do you want to trade? 

nattiecat85 (about 8 years ago)

hahahahahaha thats so funny im glad frances isnt like that.. omg frances is panting sooooo bad right now.. gees i dont even think its hot in here at all. her panting come become so very annoying sometimes, especially when she does it for like 5 mins straight and then her panting become loud lol

Puglover0625 (about 8 years ago)

Puck sounds a lot like Molly! He was quiet until about 8 months old, but now he's all bark. lol. He'll bark at me when I'm ignoring him, or when someone walks past our house, or when he gets excited to see me after work, or when he sees someone he really wants to say hi to he barks and wags his tail. I've tried everything to make him stop, but he's just a vocal lil guy. lol. So I think it just depends on your pug.

hannak28 (about 8 years ago)

Mugzy is the same way the only thing he barks at is his food bowl and a huge tree we have in the house other than that we never hear him bark...

Mom2Pugs (about 8 years ago)

Ha,ha, ha you guys are so funny! Mine are like that too! Bella is quiet and usually only barks when we come home. Desi barks at everything and nothing! Be careful what you wish for....you just might get it! LOL

Rita (about 8 years ago)

Zena is also pretty quiet, she will bark if someone is walking around outside and that is about it and I like that she tells me when someone is out there as way my windows are I can not see out front at all.  And she doesn't bark at them during the day either just if out there after dark or during the night.  So I have no complaints, she does occassionally bark when playing with the cat and it growls at her, which worried me at first until discovered is a game with them

KatB (about 8 years ago)

I know they bark, but mine don't bark alot at all. Sulynns bark is very very muffleled and you can't hardly hear it, China Rose barks but only when she gets spoked at something. I don't think they bark much.

CaliBug (about 8 years ago)

i guess pugs are not big barkers. that was part of why i picked this breed. baxter sometimes barks when the neighbors dog barks (the neighbors dog barks almost constantly when he is outside though) he either ignores the barking or looks at me sort of distressed. i really like that he is quiet. i'm sure your pup is okay.

CaliBug (about 8 years ago)

oh baxter also barks at dogs we see on the street but only if they barked at him first and when we are far enough away for him to get brave.

Lihuesue (about 8 years ago)

All three of mine bark at everything.... the tv, the doorbell, people walking by, you name it, they bark... and Charlie does his happy bark and it's almost like he's singing when he gets real excited to see people... We had him at the vets today to get his stitches removed from having two nasty tumors removed and he was just singing away.... they were all laughing... Henry Lee will give a low bark when he can't get up the hallway because another Pug is blocking it.. He just won't bully his way because he may get attacked to something... yeah right... he does more of the bitey face than any of them...   They also bark when they want something like a stuck toy... or a treat...

Enjoy the quiet while you can... it may not last....


ms28russia (about 8 years ago)

LOL thanks for all of you sharing your experiences! Some are way too funny!!!!

Last night i thought Prince has made his first attempt at barking, but i think he had just cleared his throat LOL. My fiance goes on all fours in front of him and tries to teach him how to bark, but i have put a stop on that after reading your stories, don't want him to be a yappa (mum has a dog that does it constantly and its annoying) I guess he doesnt have the need to "talk" to us just yet

JanandSass (about 8 years ago)

Ha,hahah - funny stories about pugs - they are all different, endless variety.  Mine barks at first and when she gets real wound up she sort of "screams".  (kai-yi-yi-yi) in a higher and higher pitch.   Mine goes nuts when she hears the sound of a truck backing up - the beeping sound.  Also she barks when she hears Canada geese honking!  I think her former owners were avid campers and hunters.

Buddypug (about 8 years ago)

My little pugger barks at flags, big, yellow fire hydrants and any kind of fake lawn/garden ornament (mainly animals) which is pretty comical to  all of us haha, but his bark his super muffled as well and you can't really hear it at all. He never barks other than at the objects mentioned above or if someone sneaks up to the door and he doesn't hear them! I've trained him to speak and it's soo cute cuz it's so muffled!!!

RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

rosie will bark at my neighbor, jack, endlessly...so embarassing...and also at another neighbor's dog, henry the greyhound, whenever he goes out to pee...poor henry can't do his business in peace. i have to pick her up and bring her in the house when jack is outside, i don't know what it is about him. mikey watches tv and barks at any dog that comes on the screen so i have to have a spray bottle nearby to stop him. there are also certain commercials he doesn't like but i don't like them either. unfortunately, animal planet is not a channel i can watch in my house .

Rita (about 8 years ago)

Hi, Since the topic is barking, I had add one for you to have a good laugh at.  Zena is laying here asleep at my feet, well is back asleep as a couple of minutes ago she was dreaming and gave two barks and it startled me and woke her up and then she looked at me like Mom, why did you do that? 

amyb8199 (about 8 years ago)

These stories are too funny. I remember the first time we heard pugsley bark, he was abt 7 wks old. We had him in the basket at petsmart and he started barking at of all things another pug that happened to walk him. It was so funny to hear his little puppy bark. Now he mainly barks at people he sees outside through his window and random turtles and frogs he finds out in the backyard.

nicky927 (about 8 years ago)

I think sometimes barking is just part of their personality. Sophie is a year old and a barker, she hears sirens, neighbors outside, birds, even creaking in our old house, or things on TV...and she goes wild. Guinness on the other is 5 months hand has only barked a few times. Once was when he was startled, and once when he was playing with Sophie. Other than that he's never barked at anyone, anything, or any sounds. We at first thought he wasn't ever going to bark...like he was mute or something lol. But he's fine, maybe just a little laid back or shy.

zachthepug19 (about 8 years ago)

well, my 2 month old pug puppy barks a lot...whenever he's in his kennel,when he gets excited,while playing and when someone's knocking at the door...actually in our apartment we aren't allowed to take care of pets..it's a rule...I bought a pug coz I thought that a pug won't be barking at all but my puggy does everyday...he would even wake us up in the middle of the night and wants to play...I think I spoiled him too much...I don't know what should I do with this...I don't wanna get caught by the owner of our apartment so whenever he barks,I play music in a loud volume so the owner won hear my puppy barking...and I would even left the TV turned on so the owner may not hear him in case he barks while his alone...this is tough for me...help me out guys..how would I train my puggy not to bark that much...

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ At age 5+ months, Zuji remains a non-barker.

Whines, whimpers, strange talking to his toys, but no sign of any bark.

Small blessing, eh?