Pugs and Weather

Spring in Canada can be crazy - rain or snow one day, 80 degrees and sunny the next day.  I have been a bit worried about Sacha, have notices that on some days she wakes up slowly, lies "slug-a-bed", and kind of droops along when we go for a walk - or refuses to go altogether!  (We have 4 dogs, and all love to go for a walk most of the time)  This morning I realized that her "off" days coincides with the weather conditions.  On dull cool or rainy mornings she is "sad" and may refuse to go for her walk.  (She"s fine in the house, plays and all that)  When it rains, she doesn't want to go out the door at all.  When it is bright and sunny, no matter how hot it is, she loves to go out, frolics, eats her salad (grass)  and plays or teases the other dogs.  I am convinced she is suffering doggie "seasonal affective disorder."  Has anyone else noticed this with their pugs, and is there anything that can be done about it?  Am wondering if it is a shortage of some type of vitamin, considering she also has focal hyperpigmentation on her side which the vet says might be "allergies".


RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

it's really not unusual for pugs not to like the rain. when ever it rains over here and they want to go out, i open the sliding glass door, they look out, look at me, turn around and go back to whatever they were doing in the house. rosie will go out only if she really really has to go, mikey refuses. i have to literally carry him outside otherwise that is when he has accidents in the house. so you are not alone on this one.

Mom2Pugs (about 8 years ago)

Carol is right! My two do not like tha rain! They will hold out and keep from having to go out to do their business untll they are about to pop! LOL! Desi has been known to pee on the house just out side the door so he can get back in as soon as possible!

pugsly (about 8 years ago)

My boys do the same when it's raining. Frankie likes water but doesn't like getting rained on.

JanandSass (about 8 years ago)

She is the only dog I have ever had who so hated the rain, and now she has one of our other dogs doing the same thing!  But the sadness on cool dreary days is really disheartening.  You can really see it, especially a big change when the sun comes out!  Pugs are very sensitive, arent they?

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Zuji seems to be weather-indifferent.

Heat, wind, rain, cold — he remains outwardly unchanged in all conditions.

If and when snow falls in the coming months it will be interesting to see his reaction, if any.