pugs with cats.

hi, i have two cats aged 18 months i was wondering what was the best way to get my puppy pug to bond with my two cats?


puggirl0801 (over 9 years ago)

well when i got a kitten my dog was 1 year old. they got used to each other in about 1 or 2 months and now they are the best of friends

olliegus0607 (over 9 years ago)

I recommend that you slowly introduce the pup to your cats. I also recommend you allow your cats to have safe areas where you do not allow your pup to bother them. Ulitimately it will be your cats who decided wether they accept your pug or not seeing as cats are very independant animals. They may end up tollerating your pug but may never become buddies especially since they are already adult cats.

PugPaws (over 9 years ago)

You just shouldn't interfere, unless you think they'll really hurt each other. Otherwise, they'll be a little scared at first, but it'll take, at most, about a month for them to adjust, then they'll just usually ignore the pug, or even play with it, depending on the pugs personality. We have a cat who "adopted" us when our neighbor got a golden retriever, but when we got our pug, she didn't mind at all. Cats are smart, and usually sense that pugs are just big lovable furballs who aren't a threat. The most a pug will do is whine to a cat when he's looking for someone to play with if you don't have another dog.

KatieBug27 (over 9 years ago)

I got mocha and my parents cats are 14 and 7 years old.... lets just say this nicely. they HATE eachother. Luckly Mocha only goes there on holidays so its not so big a deal but when she is home she is just too high energy for the cats.... its cute she wants to play and she will take her toy up to the kitty to share and they try to slap her... (they are declawed, so no worries) I wish they got along

frostnipper (over 9 years ago)

I have always introduced new animals slowly, giving them lots of time. Its a good idea to make sure you keep nails clipped. But in the end ,just like with people, some personalities clash. Pugsley my eldest has gotten along famously with anyone i put him with.... just an easy kinda guy. i posted a pic of him and my cat Spaz. They love one another. Good luck and it will be never a dull moment....

PugPaws (over 9 years ago)

I have many cats and cats come visit our backyard, too, when they want food, or if they've just befriended one of our cats, and they all get along fine with our dog. Some ignore him, some walk away from him when they're just not in the mood to be near him, and our youngest cat and my pug are inseperable! They follow each other around, fight over toys(the cat actually steals Frank's stuffed animals when he's not looking), and our kitten is obsessed with our pugs wrinkles, especially the thick neck ones. He bats at them, claws sheathed, and licks them, and our pug doesn't care at all, he just sits there. =P

avril-jones (over 9 years ago)

thanks everyone, it is abit manic at the moment but they are now all in the same room together after only four days of having Ruby.

FaeriePug (over 9 years ago)

I don't really know what to tell you about getting them to bond, but if fighting becomes an issue you might consider putting Soft Paws or Soft Claws on your cats. They are rounded rubber sheaths that are glued on over a cat's claws. They protect your pug's precious pop eyes and are a humane alternative to declawing. I have used them on one of my cats and they work great.

KatB (over 9 years ago)

Please be careful with cats with claws, and puggy's with bulgey eyes. I had two cats before I got my pugs. Both cats had claws out, but my puggy's really like to tease the cats. It must be really fun. Rose will stick her face in the cats face and push. Kitty's don't like that very much. LOL!

jaxysweetheart (over 9 years ago)

my pug, jackson, gets along great with our cat and 2 other dogs. Pugs are very friendly (well at leastt al the pugs that I have met) so I am guessing that they will get along great. What I did with Jaxy and Jeff(cat), is have 2 people holding the cat and one holding your pug. Slowly approach each other. If the animals start to fight, take a step back and start again. Reward them when you came stand almost touching each other for 30 seconds or so.