She wont stop biting!

My dad just got me a 8 week old pug last monday, and everytime i play with her she bites.. What can i do to stop the biting?


KatB (about 5 years ago)

Puppies do this. It is how they play with litter mates. She will grow out of it, but there are a few tips you can try to teach your pug not to do it. First don't play games with your puppy (what I call agression games). Like tug-a-war, wrestle, keep away. These game excite your puppy and bring on bad behavor like biting. Instead play games like fetch. Even a young puppy will chase a toy. They may not bring it back, but it is fun for them. The time you spend with them is what matters. For the biting itself, when puppy bits, make a loud cry, like OUCH! and walk away. Stopping play time. Using a word like NO BIT! in a strong low toned voice, works great. Or AH-AH! NO BIT! At the same time scruff puppy and hold to the floor for just a few seconds, this is what momma dog does. Never scruff and hold off the floor. Most of all be patient. Again, this is how dogs play with each other. But it hurts us, LOL, those teeth are sharp.

Corsario (about 5 years ago)

Try to focus the biting into toys (a Kong is the way to go). Ropes are also OK but keep a colse eye on your puppy so she doesn't swallow any pieces.

KatB (about 5 years ago)

You can also kind of grab their muzzle, and look them in the eyes and tell them. I found that one worked when my puggies did this. I remember those days. LOL. OUCH! Those little teeth are so sharp.

Sherri&Taz (about 5 years ago)

always have toys near you, say no bite and give her a toy to patient you got a good 8-10 weeks to go, Taz just stopped and he just turned 20 weeks.... good luck

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Fetch games are favorites with Zuji. How he understood this is beyond me, but it seemed to be built-in.

When he accidentally nips, I do as KatB has described above, making an OUCH! then walking away.

It's been effective in letting Zuji know what brings fun and play, and what results in brief separation.

I've yet to experience the full effect of his sharp little teeth, but his Kongs certainly bear evidence of their lacerating power.