Silly Pugs

So what is the weirdest thing your dog has eaten?..The other day I was eating a pickle and Otis was sitting watching and watching so I was like...your not gonna like it but here..he ate the little piece I gave and wanted more!...So what has yours eaten when you thought no way??
Only positive comments I don't need or want any negative!Seems like there is always 1 boo bear always spouting there mouth!!


cd (over 5 years ago)

mouse eats everything, (almost). pickles, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots just about everything, she will try it at least once. my others eat mostly their kibble we treat them occasionally with lesters wieners, they love them.

Sazzles (over 5 years ago)

My first 2 pugs would eat anything too! I'm so shocked to see your eat lettuce cdcra! It was the only thing mine ever refused, they would take it, flick it in and out on their tongue a few times then leave it on the floor... As if they couldn't recognize it was food

The thing that stands out for me as the funniest was pineapple, they had just a tiny bit, pulled a horrified face at the bitter taste.... Then came back begging for more!

Baby tomatoes were the same, they would chase them round for ages, then once they burst, they would spit them out as if to say "yuck!!!" But would always go back and eat them.

jilybeans (over 5 years ago)

Otis likes raspberries also, I had dropped one and he ate it...strawberries also! other dog loves his veggies

Ribella (over 5 years ago)

i dropped a strawberry today machete seemed very interessted lol. i didnt let him eat because i wasnt sure its okay for him. he dislikes apples lol

petuniamay (over 5 years ago)

Porky LOVES lettuce. I would always catch him eating leaves tracked in from outside, so I finally started taking the leaf from him and giving him leaf lettuce or spinach instead. He loves it so much that I can take some right from the garden and throw it in his kiddie pool and he'll "bob" for it.

Petunia loves watermelon. She knows how to eat all the pink right up to the rind and goes at it like a little typewriter. It's too cute!

Sazzles (over 5 years ago)

That is the cutest photo!!! I'm still in shock to find out there are pugs who like lettuce!!

I think most pugs love chomping on a slice of watermelon, it's more of a treat for me than them because its so fun to watch!

z28susan (over 5 years ago)

OMG - that is the cutest picture above!!!! Sheldon will eat anything (and everything)!!! He hasn't met a food he doesn't like. Jake hasn't really had any people food and Winnie is very finicky with texture (no carrots or banana for her)...

Sherri&Taz (over 5 years ago)

My Taz loves pretty much everything, I guess the weirdest thing would be frozen mango.... my hubbie loves to nibble on frozen fruit, and Taz will wait so patient waiting for a piece, he hasn't met a piece of fruit he hasn't liked

Patty25 (over 5 years ago)

My Angel was very picky. The one thing she totally loved besides her regular food and puggie treats was cheese. If you said anything that sounded like "cheese" she would be right there, looking you straight in the eye, like, where is it?

(over 5 years ago)

If you want to know what paws had eaten then you will get sick.'his own potty'. YUCK!

Pug King (over 5 years ago)

There are time Macy would eat everything and times she would be sooo picky. Once I gave her a chicken nugget with ketchup and she didn't eat it. Later my aunt gave her a chicken nugget without ketchup and she didn't eat it!

Pug King (over 5 years ago)

OMG sorry for the mistake! I meant that she ate the chicken nugget without the ketchup! Sorry!

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ Watermelon, eh?

There's another item on my “get at the supermarket” list.

Zuji isn't much of a picky eater, eating whatever comes his way.

Lettuce is a surprise!