Stella's Story

One year ago this Friday Stella came to our house to live. Some of you on here know we had a little min pin for 12 years and he passed away just a few weeks before we got Stella.  We were heartbroken and lost without having the sound of a dog greet us when we came home, and our home was so silent.   A friend of mine had a friend who was a dog breeder (in the loosest sense of the word) and thought if I visited her kennel that I might want to take home a rehome dog.  At that time I didn't even know what that meant.  Butch told me, do not bring home an adult dog, and do not bring home any pugs! ( We had heard she raised lots and lots of pugs) He wanted to get another minpin.  So my first thought was as we were still a block away I could smell the kennel, and my second thought was when we pulled up " take me home right now!"  BUT I was nice and walked around with them and looked at all the dogs in the pens, and kennels and all I could think was I have to get the hell out of here cos I can't breathe!  She showed me Caviler Spanials that had several litters and she was trying to find homes for them, they were jumping and barking and so happy that someone was visiting with them, but I just stayed hard hearted!  We looked at rot's, beagles, basset hounds and the list went on and on.  Again, I just wanted to go home.  She had a nursury in a building and was showing me a new litter of samoy babies and I also saw her bulldog that had been blinded by another breeders dog and the terribles stories just went on and on.  Over in the corner among all the yelping dogs, was a pen with 4 big dogs in it, and one little black pug.  She picked up the pug (who smelled like a sewer gone amuck) and showed her to me.  She said the pug was the only one that had lived from the litter, she was around 4 months old, she wasn't sure and her little soft spot didn't close right, and her eyes were damaged possiblly from the other dogs jumping around her.   This little pug had the most unique little face and weirdest little eyes that all you could do is laugh when you looked at her.  The next thing I knew I was holding her, and carried her throughout the rest of the hell tour.  When it was time to go home she had somehow found her place in the passenger seat of my car, while I was driving the getaway car.  Needless to say two bathes later, (still stinky) she and I were waiting in the recliner for Butch to walk in the door and send us both packing!  His first response was "what the hell is that" and his second was "let me hold her!"  Thus our story began.   We knew nothing about pugs, so the next day we almost killed her having her outside to meet and greet everyone at our house, it was just like having a new baby and no parent sense!  Now it has almost been a year, and she has wormed her way deep inside our hearts.  She makes me laugh, when she looks at me, she humors me with the clothes I put on her, she loves our grandkids, and she loves us.  I have learned something very important this week though, from a very smart person, and that is, " stella is not a victim anymore and we need to stop thinking of her as one.  That we are beginning a new chapter in her life and it is going to be good and positive!"   So thats our story, later her brother Sam came to live with us so we have two little pugs now.   What is your story?


KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Two cute, Thank you for sharing stellias story with us all. I am sitting here with tears running down my face, and a very very warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. So sorry you lost your MinPin. I also know that horrible feeling of coming into a house and not haveing you doggie there to meet you with wagging tails and I love you all over there faces. That is hard. What you witnessed at the kennel you were at, I have seen first hand myself. It's heart breaking. I think this kennel probably was a commerical breeder. They sell to mostly pet stores. And it is very hard to see so many dogs stuck together. They have many different dogs on the property. They make so much money off these dogs and none if any goes for their care. It is sad. I think God and your MinPin must have lead you there. Stella was needing to be taken out of there. And you were the one to do it. You needed each other. I believe she is your heart dog. I think that you and your husband have conected with her so well because of all this. It was truely meant to be. God love you both for taking this little girl. She needed your love so bad. She is in her forever home.

Mom2Pugs (almost 7 years ago)

What a sweet story, thank you for sharing it.  I was checking out a tablet at Best Buy and logged on to Pug Spot and read Stella's story.  God has blessed Stella with a new forever home and he has blessed you with Stella.  You are right, she is no longer a victim instead she is a very luck little pug.  I agree with Kat, it was meant to be that you would share your life and home with eachother.  I trully believe you and Stella were a match made in Heaven.   

docand (almost 7 years ago)

I thought your story was just great!  Stella is a very lucky, young pug to have you in her life.  It just breaks my heart to walk through our local animal rescue and to see all the sad faces.  I, and Northern Tool, will always support our local rescue shelter, until the day I'm gone.  We do fund raisers during our spring and fall sales.  We donate everything and 100% goes to them. I just wished that more business's(and people), would step up and help..   Animals have hearts and souls just like us, and deserve to be treated so.  Never ending love....... .                         Doc

Sorry about the rant, but Stella's Story hit me and I agree with KatB about some breeders....

ZuZu0609 (almost 7 years ago)

Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story and letting us all have a peek at how special she is. I definitely think our dogs are destined to be with us and things happen the way they do for a reason (however cheesy that may sound, lol). 

We live in a townhouse so we are only allowed to have two animals and 2.5 years ago we had two that we still have, Sophie, and another cat that was a beautiful, 25 pound, orange and white maine coone named Mattias, aka 'Big Guy'. Big Guy was our big baby....he always tried to act all cool and whatnot whenever Sophie was around but if he couldn't see her, he was a giant marshmallow. He never really seemed like a cat either, more like a dog in a cats body, lol. Well, he ended up getting really sick just before christmas 2.5 years ago and we had to make that decision that we all fear. We had never really talked seriously about getting a dog (neither myself or my husband had ever owned a dog in our lives) but we had mentioned a couple of times in passing that if we ever did decide to get a dog, we wanted to look at pugs. Fast forward to the summer after we lost Big Guy and for some reason I decided to have a look at the pug puppies for sale on a classified site where I came across some gorgeous little pugs for sale but initially, I had my eye on one of ZuZu's sisters. We dropped our son off to stay at Grandma's that evening but didn't tell him we were going to look at puppies as we didn't want to get his hopes up. When the 4 little pug puppies came running out, I saw the one that I had came to see but this other little roly-poly puppy that starting bowling her siblings over and then came right to me stole my heart and I knew that I couldn't leave that night without her and one hour later she would be called ZuZu  

As I said before, I absolutely believe that things happen for a reason.....I would give anything to have our Big Guy back, but if he hadn't of left us we wouldn't have ZuZu in our lives. What made me look for pugs that day? I'm not sure. And I whole heartedly believe that ZuZu picked me and not the other way around

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Ah that was a great story....I believe exactly what you said also...the next day after we brought stella home we took her out to Zeus's grave and told him all about her, I guess in our hearts we needed his blessing that we did the right thing!

Shea (almost 7 years ago)

I agree too ZuZu with what you said.   I had been pet free for about 8 months at that time for probably the only time in my entire life and I thought I liked it.  I was able to come and go on a vacation without taking a dog or making arrangements for them, I could walk through my house without stepping on chewed up wet toys in the middle of the night, etc.  Neither Tucker or Lola was planned in my life.  With Tucker it was a random comment from my son(who was 11 at the time) on the way home from a dr.'s appointment.  He said can we stop at the pet store and look at the birds, we use to have an African Grey and he misses him(me not so much) so always wants to go look at them anywhere we are close to a pet store.  I have never in my life bought a pet from a pet store so it's usually a safe thing to do.  While he is looking at the birds I just walked by the dog center and came to a dead stop when I saw Tucker.  He was a naked Chi, I had always wanted one but they are hard to find.  There he sat in the middle of the food bowl, all 6 ounces of him, keeping his brothers and sister away from the food.  The tiniest one in the litter and yet daring the others to even come near that bowl.  I ask to hold him.  Mistake.  I left that day with $800 dollars less in my pocket, a dog so tiny that if he wasn't in my pocket we lost him in the house, a ton of pet supplies and a determination to talk friends into purchasing his brothers and sister to get them all out of there(which I did and within two days all of his litter were happily living with friends).

With Lola I actually went with a friend to a breeder to look at Pugs. I had Tucker, who is a very demanding pet, he has seizures, allergies and a dependence on me that would rival any newborn human.  I was not wanting another pet.  We walk in and instantly one of them grabbed on to my jeans and wouldn't let go.  I drug that little thing all around that woman's house while my friend looked at the Pugs.  I sat down in the floor and she immediately crawled up in my lap, gave me a lot of kisses and then settled down to sleep.  My friend decided to pass because she didn't expect the Pugs to be so "active" and she wanted a calmer breed.  We went outside got in the car to leave and I discovered I had left my purse so I went back to get it.  There was Lola, curled up on top of my purse sleeping.  When I went back to the car I had not only my purse but Lola too.  I felt like she had picked me out and I just couldn't leave her.  I think that even without having to go back to get my purse I would have gone home, thought about it and turned right around and went back to get her anyway.  I would never have been able to get her off my mind.

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Our stellas middle name is Stella Rose, came to me on the way home in the just sounded like a beautiful name for a perfect little pug....we should have named her lizard though cos she is always kissing us...lolol

Zuji (10 months ago)

~ What a wonderful story of Stella's finding a forever home.

Where I work and live, there's no concept of animal rights.

Poor Zuji was in a tiny cage with his two sisters, tucked away as a neglected afterthought from a puppy mill.

Now he has room, toys...and chunks of steamed chicken.

Life changes...for the better!