Stop eating dog food...

Hi guys!

My family took care of my pug last week for a week, they fed him dog food and some human food like chicken breasts and fruits,

and now he's back with me, he won't eat his kibbles!  He ate a little bit of it when I put some sweet potatoes 

in his bowl with kibbles...  He went crazy for the sweet potatoes, and I gave him a little rice, he seems like he only wants to eat human food.

I'm a little worried because he threw up yellow foam this morning...  so I gave him treats.

Dandan always like to eat and never refuse to eat, I can't believe he's not eating dog food now.. he just turned 7 months, any advice?  

thanks in advance!!


RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

pugs can get upset tummies so i would just keep an eye on him. give his tummy a rest, not giving him treats or anything until his next meal and not giving him foods he's not used to. adding a little sweet potatoes or fruits to kibble is not a bad thing, just adjust the amount of food you are giving don't want a fat puggie. you also might add a little warm water to his food, dogs go by smell and that will get the aroma going. if you want to eliminate the extras, just do it gradually, when he realizes that's what is in his bowl and that's all he's getting...he will eat when he is hungry, they always do.

KatB (about 8 years ago)

I totally agree with Carol. If they watch your baby again, maybe pled your case. And ask them to please stick to her reg. diet. Explain that pugs can develop weight problems and by sticking to a reg. dog diet would be in his best interest. And let them know that when he got home he wouldn't eat his food. And with him being 7 months, it is very important for him to eat the right things for development.

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Zuji eats his small breed puppy food with enthusiasm.

My food and his are different.

He does like very thinly sliced carrots or apples — tiny slivers, really.