Stubborn Pug?... marking / potty in house

Hi again,
Some of you may recognize my name, and previous post. Those who don't... long story short, I found a black Pug tied to a stop sign. We took him in, after a few weeks he became ours, and now I am having issues potty training him.

When we found him, he was not "Fixed'.... we expected some marking and had no idea about his house training status. We found out the hard way.. he's not trained.
We had him "Fixed" and other than the potty part... he's an awesome dog.

I'm to the point I want to buy him doggy diapers for in the house.. but at almost $15.00 a pack, that's gonna be expensive.

When it's nice out, we usually put him outside on a rope for 20-30 minutes at a time. Now it's colder, that's not really an option. When he's on his rope he will usually poo on the deck.... and urinate on my boots / charcoal / door rug / daughter's toys / chair leg..... Quite annoying.. After we started letting him run loose in the house, he began marking / peeing / pooing all over the house. Not one place specifically. So, we are trying crate training. I have read up on it, and realize it's a long process, but feel bad because he's in his crate and our other dog runs loose, and he sees this and whines and cries for attention. Soon as we let him out, we take him out, for at least 10 minutes on a lead and tell him "go potty" over and over until he goes he gets praised and we go in. We let him run around, and 8 out of 10 times, he will go potty in the house. The other night I took him out to his "spot" in the yard, for about 10 minutes he pee'd 3 times.. (probably marking a little.. but lifted leg 3 times); praised him every time.. "Good boy, good boy, go potty good boy." etc.. Gave him time to go poo, but nothing.. Came in the house, and within 2 minutes he started to poo on the rug between where my wife and I were sitting right in front of us. I went to grab him to take him outside, but he ran into another room and finished there. Told him "No" and took him, and the poo in a paper towel outside in the grass "his spot" put the poo in the grass and said 'go potty".... since he had just pee'd and now poo'd he didn't go. He came in and went right back in the crate.

I expect some accidents.. and that's acceptable.. However I feel he has the general idea.. but is stubborn and is doing it out of spite. I mentioned I was going to buy puppy diapers for him, but thought I'd try one of my daughter's .. I took him out on lead and went through the routine. He pee'd and I gave him time to poo, gave him plenty of time. I cut a hole in the diaper for his tail, and put it on him, surprisingly it fit well. I let him in, and he did his usual running around, I was still outside, my wife came out to see what I was doing, I looked in and there he was not 1 minute later at the back door, poo'ing in the diaper!!!! Why wouldn't he go outside?!.. he had plenty of time.

Again I think he's being spiteful. Now this part.. I haven't seen, but when my wife lets him out, she does the same thing, takes him out, gives him plenty of time keeps telling him to go potty.. soon as he comes in whether or not he goes outside, he runs in, jumps on the couch, which he's not allowed on, and pee's.... That's something I haven't seen him do.. but I don't deny my wife is telling the truth about it.... HELP!!


RosienMikeysMom (over 9 years ago)

that's probably why is was left out tied to the stop sign...poor baby. you say you praise you give him treats? when i was training rosie and mikey, i always had treats in my pocket...cheerios or bits of kibble. as soon as they did anything outside, i would make a big deal out of it (hence the potty dance) and immediately give a treat. it came to be that if i was at one end of the yard and mikey did something at the other end, he would run over so proud of himself looking for his treat. also, i know marking can be frustrating in the house. make sure it is cleaned up well with a neutralizer like nature's miracle or they will smell it and it will happen again. if he was just recently neutered, it usually takes about a month for all the hormones to ease up so they will still have that urge for a while. you might also try a belly band for inside the house. it's a band of material usually fastened with velcro that goes around their waist and manhood. sometimes you can even put a sanitary napkin in there to absorb the pee if they go. they soon learn that they don't like the feeling of being wet and will stop marking and it saves your furniture. you really have to start from the beginning like he was a puppy with the pooping thing. sometimes, even tethering them to you so you can keep a watchful eye is also an option. make a note of when he poops and what he does right before. as soon as you see those signs...out of the house you go. i know it's frustrating but he obviously wasn't taught right before you had him. judging from what you have said, it seems like he is well worth you time, energy and patience. good luck and let us know how it goes. maybe others will chime in with some ideas for you to try.

KatieBug27 (over 9 years ago)

maybe he just doesnt like going outside to go potty. petco makes doggy litter which is like rubbery pellets and doggy litter boxes. maybe you should try that. i had to do thaqt with my little one because she refuses to go outside when its raining or just a bit cold. I put it by the door where all her accidents were happening and it seemed to work real well. maybe it will work for you. just a try that way he doesnt have to hold it when you were gone too

devonator (over 9 years ago)

I agree totally with RosienMikeysMom. Those are great pointers. One of my boys likes to mark in the house and the belly band is great. Make sure you have a couple of them so he can wear one while the other is being washed. Another thing you may want to try, if you can, is limit his access to the whole house. Try to keep him in the room with you so he can't slip off and potty somewhere without you knowing. A baby gate works well. It's gonna be tough to break him of a habit he has probably had for a lon time. Hang in there. It'll get better.

maradeath (over 9 years ago)

One thing that you are going to learn quickly as a new Pug owner is that housetraining is an uphill battle. I am still trying to stop my male pug Hooie from doing his liquid biz all over my house, and he has been with us for 4 years now. I don't think its your dog being stubborn, he just may have no clue what all the fuss is about. I would suggest taking him out every hour, and acting like he just saved the world with lots of praise and treats when he does what he is supposed to do. He will catch on, but I would keep using the diapers until he really starts to grasp what it is he is supposed to be doing outside. His previous owners probably never fully had him house trained.

Don't give up though. They are wonderful dogs that aside from their training issues, will be the best friends you have ever had!

glock232 (over 9 years ago)

Giving up is not an option. We love him.. just don't care for the potty habbits. I never trained with treats, but sure will give it a try. Whatever works. I never heard of a bellyband, but google here i come. Thanks for the tips!!

gillymom (over 9 years ago)

I'm sure glad to see others are having issues and it's not just me!! Gilly was trained, and knows what he's supposed to do outside; however, at about 6 months of age he reverted back to having episodes in the house. He just turned a year and has a poop about once a day in the house. Urinating is less frequent but it still occurs. We found the Wee-Wee pads work well. If he's gonna pee in the house he'll at least do it on the pad. We're still working on it too!!

glock232 (over 9 years ago)

Sherman doesn't go in just one spot or near the door like he wants to go out. I know some of it is still marking. He marked on my daughters stuffed chair, the couch, her toys.. nothing specific just when he gets the urge he goes.

Bonnie Follett (over 9 years ago)

I know how you feel i take my pug for a walk but when she comes in she gos on the floor.i bought wee wee pads and put them right in front of the t.v thats where she gos she always uses the pad now and she gos outside.if i leave her alone when i go to work she eats the coach boots rips paper etc.i have found they are a handfull but i wouldnt trade her for the world!

devonator (over 9 years ago)

If you've ever had another dog in the house you now share with Sherman, he may smell the scent which humans cannot detect and is 'marking' his territory. It may or may not be contributing to the problem. My Oreo wizzes indoors at times but it becomes worse when my daughter visits and brings her dogs. He's claiming our home as his and he was neutered when he was a puppy ( he's nearly 7 yrs old). Oreo will also go wherever he feels the urge. Very frustrating but we've learned to keeep a belly band on him and it's reduced the clean ups significantly!

mandyspuggie (over 2 years ago)

I signed up to Doggy Dan’s website (he’s a famous dog trainer) and website is like a library of training (potty training, stop chewing, stop unnecessary barking, commands etc) Anytime I want to work on something I login and go to that part of the “library” there’s also forums, videos, and support. It’s amazing! Highly recommend it, here’s what I mean