Stubborn pug: sits down on a walk

My three-month old pug, Phoebe, already lives on her own agenda. When we go on a walk she typically sits down and refuses to move multiple times. The only way I can get her to come is by crouching down and saying "come" while holding a treat. She will run up, get her treat, and sit down again (leading me to have to walk further and repeat the process over again). As you can imagine, it's tough to say "come" every 20 feet and give her another treat - and she only responds to the command if I have a treat with me. How do I get her to walk more consistently? I've also tried lighting tugging her harness to get moving but she is pretty stubborn about staying put.

Some other background that may be helpful: Phoebe has been home with me for 1 month now. For the first two weeks we only walked around the fenced-in courtyard of our building on a leash, so she was more free to roam and walk where she pleased. Now, I am trying to take her on more structured walks (on the sidewalk, to the park) and this is when the issue has arisen.

Now, I do not consistently lure her to "come" with a treat. Sometimes I do not have one or I think she should listen even if I don't have one. Is it too soon for that? Perhaps the answer is that I DO need to treat her every single time she comes. Let me know your thoughts.

Mariah & Phoebe


Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ Hi, Mariah!

Oh my goodness! You and I are living parallel lives with your Phoebe and my Zuji.

Today marks one full month since 11-week old Zuji entered my life.

Zuji doesn't listen every time. He's a baby.

I wouldn't say that he's disinterested, as he's super-affectionate and cooperative, but outside there are so many distractions.

Maybe continue as you've been doing, and see how it goes for another ten days to two weeks?

Phoebe sounds lovely. I'm so glad that you two are working together.