Super clingy pup

Hi, my pup Molly is 12 weeks old and has been with us just over a week now.
She has settled in really well and is a lovely, happy, bouncy little pug.

The thing is, she's super clingy, I just read in another post that this is natural for a pug, but while I don't mind at all her following me around, I think it's really cute, but she won't even settle down and have a nap on a pillow. It always has to be on someone's lap. So if I'm busy doing something and she's ready for a lie down she will just follow me round looking sleepy until I sit down and she can lie on me or someone else.

Also, she cries a lot when we put her in her crate. She's really good at night, if you settle her down in your lap first and wait until she's fast asleep to put her in there. We've put a lot of effort into transforming a dresser in the lounge into a pug friendly, indoor kennel if you will. (We named it The Pug Shack). It has a wire mesh over the doors so she can see out and gets plenty air, I painted the walls inside a nice light lilac colour so it's not dark in there. She has her blanket, toys and I even make up her own hot water bottle before I put her in there. So it's a cosy little place, some might even say she's slightly spoilt but she just doesn't seem to like going in there. She only goes in during the day when she's after a treat and never stays in there for any length of time.

I'm worries because she cries so much even when I put her in there so I can go upstairs and have a shower and get ready knowing she won't destroy the living room (I've tried leaving her out, caught her scratching and chewing at the couch) I can hear her jumping up and worries she'll hurt herself and she always seems to be a little bit naughty when I let her out again.

I go back to work on Thursday so she will have to get in the routine of being in there 3 days a week with me calling her to let her out during my lunch break.

Am I just worrying to much and it's just something she'll get used to or is it making her stressed and upset?

Any advice much appreciated.
Thanks guys,
Gem x


lisaandpuglett (over 5 years ago)

George started off on lap all the time I got him at 8 weeks, - first night he was in kitchen in an area with gate and play space - at 13 weeks he realises my lap is not as comfortable now and has started to lay flat by the fire and will occassionally wake to check im still in the room he follows me all over the place and when I stand still he sits at my foot looking up at me - my partner (current owner of bulldog, jack Russell and has owned a staffy) says he has never known a Breed to be so obsessed with their owner so I do believe it is one of the characteristics so it's kinda normal for a puglet your the pack leader you make the rules and they need you to take control - when I go upstairs to get ready he has his toilet outside and I put him in kitchen and make sure water is there and I give him one treat and shut the gate he stares at me and gets close to the gate ignore him I leave telly on and calmly walk away I don't make a big deal of it - he don't cry then when I go out for more the than 3 hours i make sure he has been fed - I get his puppy kong ( filled with kibble and a half teaspoon of peanut butter) get him excited about it (he loves it ) and give it too him so now he relates being left on his own to having his puppy kong and telly left on , there are some members on here who have extensive training with pugs so they will also be able to advise good luck !

MollysMum (over 5 years ago)

I do give her a treat when I put her in there but I suppose if I filled her kong this would keep her occupied for much longer.
I try to make sure she's been to the toilet before putting her in there but that could mean waiting around for goodness knows how long for her to go. We did start to get used to her toilet times but they don't seem to be so in sync anymore.. Plus when we take her into the garden she's too busy trying to eat everything to think about going! We give her lots of praise when she does though.
Maybe it will take Molly a little bit of getting used to being in on her own? It is just over week since we got her. I just feel so awful leaving her!
Did George cry to begin with when you left him?

lisaandpuglett (over 5 years ago)

I think we were lucky that he was a really laid back pug he slept on his own all night on first night - I had more anxiety than him!! He does cry when I put him in kitchen and close the gate and Hoover - but I ignore him cause I know he is not in pain or hungry he just wants to be stuck to me !! Once he stop crying I leave it 10 seconds and then fuss him for not crying this is slowly teaching him that crying will not necessarily get my attention ( unless he is hurt etc) praise good behaviour keep at it as they do have break throughs like he sits and crys at door now when he needs to poo x it took a while but it will work - just like your baby will get used of sleeping and relaxing whilst she waits for you to come home

lisaandpuglett (over 5 years ago)

Do fill that kong I put mushed up kibble and a little bit of peanut butter stuff kong so it's not too fattening and put in fridge night before George takes a while to get it all out they do work wonders ! Keep me updated

Tonkatot (over 5 years ago)

It takes a while for them to settle down and just relax. Its a puppy thing. When we first got Tonka my DH had never had a dog and was so worried because when he tried to snuggle or pet Tonka and just have him relax, he'd puppy out and just start being a goof or moving away from his hand. He still does this when he wants something else. Very demanding little guy LOL For example, if we're on the couch and he wants us to throw a toy or something, he'll walk over and look at you like he wants pets, but then when you try, he'll back up just out of reach and look at you. Then repeat until you tell him to go get a toy and start throwing it. BUT he also loves snuggle time now.

I think it took a good 8+ months before he really calmed down enough to just relax with us unless he was totally exhausted from a trip to the park or big play session.

Unlike your little one, Tonka was great with his crate so I don't really have any tips for you there. He cried only on the first night we brought him home. I went over to the crate and stuck my finger in and rubbed his face, within about 30 seconds he was out and has been quite and loves his crate ever since. That being said, if you've only had her for a week, just give it some more time. The kong idea Lee suggested is also a good one. The distraction is great and they also start to associate good things with the crate. I would suggest not running to her (not that you said you are) when she is crying. Or maybe if you can move the crate around, have her be in it when she can still see you for a while like when you're cooking or watching tv etc. so that it starts to be her little spot.

Good luck!

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Zuji's first week was stressful as he had a severe case of kennel cough which debilitated him for days.

Once he recovered, there's been no stopping his energy, antics and playfulness.

He's also become very attached to me, seemingly framing his entire waking day around whatever I'm doing.

As to the crate, he accepted it from day one, sleeping and napping there without any issues.

He does whimper throughout the day, but it's been to seek attention, nothing more.

His low-key, friendly approach to life brings sunshine into my life!