The biting never ends...

Pugboat is such a sweetie but he bites nonstop. I am fully aware he is teething but he always seems to think its a game. You set him on the floor to run around and all he wants to do is chase your feet and bite, his teeth are like razors btw, it actually really hurts sometimes I just don't think he gets it. Any time I try to say no or stop its just meaningless. He loves biting hands, you pull your hand away to stop the biting and he just gets more hyper and think its a chasing game. He has tons of chew toys(we even got him binkies!) he just bites whatever is closest or moving. I know it's probably a phase I just don't want it to turn into something permanent. I welcome any suggestions!


KatB (about 5 years ago)

satellitedreamz, Be patient it will end. This is puppy stuff. I know it hurts. There are some thing to try. If you have not tried the water squirt bottle on stream. Do it. Use a command when you squirt, like the sound AH-AH, or LEAVE IT! Use loud harsh tone like you are really made. You could try scruffing when he latches on to toes and fingers. Grab the lose fur behind the neck, give a quick little shake, and push his body to the floor, with the command, like STOP THAT! Hold him down a few seconds until he relaxes in your grip. You can also grab hold of his little muzzle, give a little shake, say no bite!

docand (about 5 years ago)

Kat is right!!!! The ol' squirt bottle trick works on all bad behaviors. Aren't puppies fun.

Starcheck55 (about 5 years ago)

Scruffing is so effective. I figured that is how Gizmo's mom would handle it so that is the method I adopted. 12 years later I still scruff her. People act like it is the end of the world because when she misbehaves I'll just pick her up by the scruff and carry her away like she has a handle. It doesn't hurt, I've seen her fall asleep before when being scruffed.

satellitedreamz (about 5 years ago)

Thanks for all the tips! The spray bottle is definitely working, he's biting less and actually responding to NO pretty well. Hope this keeps working.

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Laughing while reading through these accurate descriptions, all of which are familiar.

9-week old Zuji follows he pattern everyone has described, loving to mouth whatever he encounters.

I've never scruffed him, but instead gently redirect him to a chew toy.

Often he'll return to try his luck again, but I once again place a chew toy or a squeaker toy in mouth distance.

He's more or less learned that biting me or my clothing doesn't lead to praise or more playing, but in the excitement of the moment often is unable to help himself.

I have a squirt bottle but thus far it remains loaded with water but unused.