they are not just "dogs"

has anyone else noticed what i have?? i have been going through and looking at all of ur beautiful babies and seeing how long they have been in ur families and the one thing that has stood out to me is that i look at the age of ur pug and they may be 5 but u have only had them for like 2 yrs;. i get sooooooo mad when people get
"dogs" and just give them away..because they cant be bothered anymore or the novelty has worn off of whatever..   to me they are not just "dogs" the are my babies. and yes dont get me wrong some days i could strangle francesca  lol especially when i come home and she has stolen all of the toilet rolls and has ripped them up all through my house and it takes about an hour to clean it.. but i just dont get how some people think that "dogs" are nothing more than just an animal.. well this really p*sses me off.. (excuse my french), i get upset because people these days are to busy getting fake tans or playing on their iphones to give a toss about the poor little babies that cant speak for themselves.. and i just dont think any animal is disposable and this is how some people tend to think of them.. i would never give francesca away.. it was hard enough when i had to get her looked after for a little while. then my stupid aunty GAVE HER BLOODY AWAY, its taken me 16 months to track down my baby and she has only been back with me for about a month.. and this is y i get sooo upset with people because when i got francesca back she was WAYYYY  to skinny and the women told me she hadnt eaten in a week.. i mean come on how can u do this to such a beautiful little puggle.. we all know that they are the most sweet and loving and just SPECIAL dog anyone could have. and i spose i get a annoyed because i see people on here that are in search of a pug but cant find one and then i think well how many are out there that need to be rescued because the OWNERS..( i call myself a parent to my lil girl but the ones that dont care dont deserve to be called that so they are owners) forget to feed them.. or are to busy having coffee or god knows what. an dont give the poor little pug any attention or toys ,well u know what its so nice to come on here and see that so many beautiful pugs have got parents that woudnt give them up for anything.. and im glad to see the pugs that have been rescued like my baby was are finally having the life they deserve an i bet they are getting all the cuddles and kisses in the world.. i mean come on y wouldnt they be they are the most adorable dogs in the word..


KatB (about 8 years ago)

nattiecat, Thank you for your post. I work with rescue and foster. It is very hard to understand why people do these things, I always pray that when people think they want a dog of anykind, that it be a family thing and very well thought out before purchasing one. I believe everyone should have the right to own dogs, but use better judgement as to the cost and care involved. I realize so many people today who have lost their jobs and home sometimes have to give up a beloved family pet. It is very hard on those family's, but I thank the ones who do it  the proper way. And find rescue to help them find homes for their pets.  We have had many dogs dumped at the side of the road. or left behind when the family moves, without shelter, food or water. To fend for themselves. This is not right. I ask that people please support dog rescue. Adopt, when you can. And if a puppy is what you want, then please think hard on if it is the right thing, and buy from reputable breeders, and not pet stores, or puppymills. Don't make puppymill commercial breeders anymore richer.  Do your home work. So many are given up because their owner's don't want the responsibilty of care or cost or work involved. Please neuter and spay. Don't breed for money, Be a responsibile dog owner. Be educated about pet ownership and laws.

CaliBug (about 8 years ago)

I can't even imagine giving Baxter up. But I did a lot of research and thinking before I bought a dog. Of course I have wanted a dog since I was 18 but I waited until I was ready to care for anotherliving creature that needs me. At first I was concerned about HUGE vet bills if anything goes wrong but I just decided to get a credit card for vet emergencies and hopefully nothing too bad happens to him while I am still in school. I should have a pretty high paying job when he enteres his senior years so I will be able to get him what he needs then.  I really do wish people would learn more about dogs and really evaluate their livesbefore going out and getting one. But then again wer live in a world where people have children they can't take care of all the time : /  

Puglover0625 (about 8 years ago)

It always makes me so sad when I see ads on craigslist where people are giving their dog away because they decided they don't have the time for it, or are moving. I saved up for Puck for 3 years and when I went looking for an apartment I made sure the landlord allowed dogs before I signed the lease because I knew I wanted to buy one soon. And even when we decided to move out of our apartment and into a house, I double checked that the landlord would be ok with Puck living here. I would NEVER move anywhere that didn't take my baby. I am a full time college student who also works close to full time and I still manage to find the time to take Puck on a mile long walk every night and to the dog park every other evening and spend time snuggling him before bed. If a 20 year old can find time to spend with a dog, why can't full grown adults? I agree with all of you that people need to think more before getting a dog. Thats why it took me 3 years to get Puck, because I knew it would cost a lot of money and I wanted to have enough to spoil him rotten as well as take good care of him. I agree with you Nattiecat, Puck isn't my dog he's my baby. He goes everywhere with me and I could not imagine my life without him. And I've only had him for 9 months, how could someone give away a dog they've had for years? Its so sad

nattiecat85 (about 8 years ago)

im so glad thats its not just me that thinks like this.. i had been looking for a pug for a few years but i was living at home an my parents wouldnt a;llow me to have one so finally when i got francesca i vowed to never neglect or ignore her.. yes i did have to get her looked after but that was the most horrible time of my life an especially when i found out my aunty had given her away.. the thing that get me is i was sending her money for her and everything andshe just decided to give her away without telling me i thought she would look after hjer because she had animals of her own.. boy was i wrong.. an this is y i am saying now DONT EVER LET ANYONE LOOK AFTER THEM.. i learned the hard way..

larrydavid (about 8 years ago)

Our pugs aren’t lucky, we’re LUCKY to have them in our lives. Yes, makes me sad to read your post. I love my LD every second of every day and night. He is my joy. I met a neighbor in the dog park a while ago with a beautiful black lab puppy. We got to talking and he said “interesting story how I rescued her”. Turns out, the lab was bred by hunters for hunting purposes. Well, she just wasn’t up to par by hunting standards and the owners (hunters by nature) were going to take her out in the backyard and shoot her.

God help them. They need to be shot. A neighbor caught wind of it and knew this guy was looking for a dog so suggested he adopt him instead of killing it. It lays so heavily on my mind. A wonderful, innocent, beautiful dog ‘shot’ because she’s just not the greatest hunting dog. I understand and appreciate dogs are workers for us (disability, narcotics, guard) but to senselessy kill one. This dog is an Angel. He says they have a webcam at home to keep an eye on him and from the minute they walk out the door, he lays in his bed. Doesn’t budge.

I cringe knowing that other dogs in the world are in senseless danger. I just reassure myself that I love my LD and that I must do every little thing I can to ensure he has a wonderful life. That’s the best we can do and we should let people know it (I’d annihilate anyone who just ‘gave’ my Larry away).

Frankie2009 (about 8 years ago)

It does make a lot of us mad.....they trust us, without question and too many people, treat them like disbosable things. A dog is a comitment! if i could save all of them i would. My first dog, who was a mutt, i had for 16 years up to last month (we had to have her put down her body was failing her spirt it still is tough but for the best) My puggie man Frankie, who we got form the local animal Shelter...was givin up because the orginal owner were moving and said "dogs weren't aloowed where they were going" He was only 11 months. Me and my wife had been looking for a addition to our family and we had been looking at the Animal Shelter for a few weeks, to find the right Doggie friend. We wanted to take them all home, but we do not have a huge house.
An figured a smaller dog would suit us better. When we went in....there were lots of dogs, but something about Frankie stood out from the rest....So we got Pugged from the first minute...i could not imagine our lives without him....i go hungy myself before I let him go without what, he needed.

There are days he gets into soooooo much trouble...but has me totaly figured out and know how to do something to make me laugh or snuggle just at the right time to turn me into Putty. Dog are reliant on us.....I could never hurt a dog on purpose....and would feel so guilty if I did someting accidental....

Anyways make sure we all give out precious Pugs and extra big hugs and that is what so many people say that is what they live for....i always look forward to coming home from work to see him snuggled up with the wife on the big bed...always makes me chuckle........

KatB (about 8 years ago)

One thing that bothers me so much is seeing dogs and cats advertised in the newspapers "FREE TO GOOD HOME". When people do this those animals stand a greater chance of being taken by research or for use for dog baiting. I wish people would just put in that they have cats or dogs available. That way they can somewhat screen the people. In Quincy and Hannibal area, our rescue watches for these adds and sends in people to act as people wanting them. We try to get them all and send them on to rescue groups and humane Soc. That way we know where their going. And they are safe. Some folks think this isn't right but when you think about it, the owners don't really care who gets the dog or cat just so it's gone. It is very very sad. I admirer anyone who has to make a desition to give up their pet, and go about doing it in the right way and making sure that the animal is going to a good home. If you don't have the time to be with and take care of a pet, then you should find a new home. No doubt about! It's shows you do care what happenes. And you want the best home for your pet. Today, so many people are up routed and have lost jobs, and must move to appartments. Of course no pets. I truely would die a slow painful death if I had to give up my pack. It would kill me for sure. But I wouldn't let them just go to anyone either. I would pitty the poor person who came forward to adopt them. They would have to go through my questions and home checks, calls to their boss, family, friends. And hope I just plain like the way they looked. HA! I would have a really tall order for them to fill before they got them. They would later have to get a restraining order to keep me from dropping by.

luvmypugzeus (almost 8 years ago)

I totally agree, my fiance and I waited a year and a half before getting our darling Zeus...we moved to a different city, just so that we could have a house with a nice big back yard for him to run around in!!!! We love him sooo much, he comes everywhere with us! He is the pride and joy in my life! 

Guillotine007 (almost 8 years ago)

you think the "they are just dogs" attitude is bad...I was going to take this girl out tonight up until she saw me on this site the other day and she goes "You know pugs are not cute, right?"

Game Over Man, game over.

Rita (almost 8 years ago)

I just read all the comments on here was  really what I needed tonight, as I got into an argument with a lady at my house this afternoon.  Zena got ahold of an ink pen and started to chew on it and I told her No, took it away from her and gave her, her a toy instead.  That person had the nerve to tell me what I did was wrong!  I could not stop myself, told her off on the spot especially when she said I should of swatted Zena not just told her no and given her a toy instead.  I let her know you Do Not swat her period.  I was really upset!  Then she made the mistake of starting in on me that I should accept an apartment I was offered as would be less rent I told her no because only allowed either a dog or a cat and I have one of each.  She made the remark they are just animals.  No they are not, they do not ask people to give up one of their children, so is not right to tell a senior they have to give up a pet ( or anyone else for that matter), those are our babies!  I will not willingly give either of them up for a different place to live!  Sorry but I had to let off steam, thanks for letting me vent. And no they are not just dogs!

amyb8199 (almost 8 years ago)

I completely agree with everyone. When we first decided to get a dog we researched different breeds. My husbands first choice was a jack russel terrier. When we researched and found out how active and hyper these dogs were, that was a no for me. We both work so we don't have a lot of time to devote to a pet. My son mentioned a pug and when we researched pugs, they're personality and activity level seemed perfect for us. The only thing I didn't realize and I'm not sure how I missed it was the constant shedding. To be honest if I had known how much pugs shed, we probably would have gone with a different breed. But once we got Pugsley, it was over. He became not just a pet but a family member. I vacuum about twice a week but its well worth it. I could never give him up. Plus I don't want my son thinking its ok to just give away your pet if they're not what you expected. Its important for me to make sure he understands what a big responsibilty owning a pet really is, so he'll be a responsibe pet owner as an adult.

leafy (almost 8 years ago)

This is an interesting topic, I agree.  We re-homed Stan (this is now his 3rd home) from a friend of mine.  She got Stan and and another pug from someone who  advertised them on the internet.  Having got them home (they already having 3 other toy breeds) Stan started becoming the dominant male so they couldn't cope with him.  I got to know that they needed to re-home him and my husband had wanted a dog for years but because we both work we couldn't get a puppy and thought this was the best option.  We called round one night to see Stan and he immediately came running towards my husband, grabbed his toy and sat on my husband's knee.  Well that was it for him and I loved him too.  We went away after about an hour of playing with him and within minutes my husband asked when we could have him.  2 days later my husband went to pick him up, he jumped straight into the car and came to our home.

It took him only 2 days to settle in and he is amazing.  I'd never had a dog before so I was a bit aprehensive about it all but I'd fallen in love in about 5 minutes.  I don't understand how people can just give them away.  A dog is for life.  At the time we got him it was December and I thought people would comment on us only getting him for Christmas but that couldn't be further from the truth.  The night we got him it started to snow so we nicknamed him Snowy Stan and I don't think it stopped snowing for about 2 weeks. 

He is our baby and has now won us over by sleeping on the bed at night and having the full run of the house during the day. The only time we leave him is if we go on holiday but my friend comes to look after him so he's still in his environment and they get on great. Its always lovely to see him every night when we get in from work and to watch him run around on the field on his walk, he hasn't a care in the world and always snuggles up in between us on the settee every evening, resting his head on our knee. I love our Pug.

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

Guillotine007, Good for you. You sound like a good guy. Hopefully you will meet a wonderful lady who loves pugs.  I have enjoyed this topic so much. Hearing the answers and feelings of many of you. Thank you Nattiecat! I own 4 dogs, and 3 of which are adopted. And I have never been sorry for one min. Took time to fix the damages others had caused. But it didn't take long. Just alot of patience on me and my family. When ever I bring a foster home, my family has opened their hearts and arms to each one. My pack has done the same. They seems to understand and sense the need in these lonely souls for a warm loving home. My pack has never fought or shown any dominance toward anyof them. Toys are offered and butts in the air to an invite to come and play. I truely believe they know whats up with the foster dogs. And are trying to make them feel better. Dogs have that unseen, unheard by us language between them. I have to believe that my pack is telling them, things are going to be much better. They are safe. And a better life is coming to them.

JanandSass (almost 8 years ago)

I have had dogs for years.  Never should anybody give their dog away without very good reason.  I did that once in my life and it broke my heart even though she went to a really nice person who knew her and loved her very much.  I have never understood how people can be so casual about dogs.  The person I got Sacha from sold her to me at 1 1/2 because they were having money troubles, and the man in the house didn't like her.  But they had five horrible noisy destructive kids all under the age of 10!   She was a baby mill!  She made me so mad, she said Sacha was "just a mutt"!!  I was glad to take her away from there and will do the best for all my dogs as long as I might live.  I have four dogs and they all get the very best that I can afford.  Since I am now retired, it is sometimes a struggle, but that doesn't matter because they come first.  Two of our dogs are actual rescues, my beautiful Amber and little Barney Goo-Goo.  I got one dog from my son whose dog had a litter and our puggie as I said was purchased by us.  

What I cannot tolerate is people just ignoring their animals, leaving them to languish outside in the weather, or even worse, actually abuse them.  Thank God I have never seen anybody abuse an animal in front of me, I don't know what I would do!   Some people are actually puzzled by the way we treat our dogs, they don't seem to understand that they are loving little souls that give us everything they have in their hearts and we have to look after them. 

Sometimes I feel guilty if they fall sick - "I should have done this" or "I should have done that".  It breaks my heart when they pass away, but it was always worth having that companionship even though it is hard.  We lost a little mixed terrier three years ago to cancer and I must have cried for months!  She was just so sweet, was playing and normal the one day and suddenly she was gone when her liver gave out, and we had no idea she was sick.  For our sakes, she just kept up normal as long as she could. 

Even though it breaks my heart, I wouldn't have missed the eperiences and endearing moments and comedy they bring into my life.  Sometimes it takes a while for a new dog to settle in, but they always end up the best of friends, they are so adaptable.  Sometimes there is trouble training.  Eventually, with patience, everything comes right. 

MJaye (almost 8 years ago)

I completely agree! They are our furry babies, our companions, our friends. I wouldn't give up my Sally & Toby for a million dollars. 

My Sally has always been a loud snorter. I always thought it was cute, until it became worse, and her breathing was clearly more labored. I took her to MSU Vet Hospital where they diagnosed her with brachycephalic airway syndrome. Which basically means she had stenotic nares (narrow nostrils) and elongated soft palate. The surgery was expensive, but worth every penny. She is going to be 5 years old next month and I can't imagine my life without her. She helped me get through one of the worst experiences of my life, and she deserves the best that I can afford.

My Toby is 2 years old. I adopted him from a rescue. He was just a puppy, only 14 weeks old when I got him. The rescue took him from a puppy mill that planned to put him down. Because he has an eye condition and they couldn't sell him. He has dry eye and pk, in one eye. He has to have eye drops and ointment in that eye twice a day for the rest of his life, and I will gladly do that for him. He is the sweetest little dog. He always knows when I don't feel good or am sad. It makes me sick every time I think about what almost became of him. 

I love both my pugs and I can't imagine the mentality that it takes to misuse and abuse these incredible little dogs.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 8 years ago)

...and this is why i love this forum, we are all on the same page. i have had dogs in my life ever since i can remember and can't imagine my life without one. we all have similar stories on how much they have added to our lives. all of my dogs have helped me thru the hardest of times. my pugs have helped me get thru the loss of my beloved lab, casey, and the death of my mom and brother by just showing unconditional love. they give us so much more than we can ever give them. as anetole france said, "until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." i truly feel bad for those that have not experienced that. a while back, i posted a piece that said it all. for those that didn't see the post, here it is....

In all of creation, it was
only the dog that chose freely to leave his own world and walk beside
us in ours. For over 100,000 years, they have shared our caves, our
huts, our tepees our igloos, our cabins, our farmhouses, our apartments
and condos, and even a thin blanket on a cold city street with a
homeless person. All across this earth, in every place man inhabits, he
has sought to share his life, his work, his world with a dog, and
unique among all four legged creatures, the dog has sought to
understand and share his life with us. Dogs guard our children, follow
us into war, and lie next to us on the floor of our sickrooms as we are
dying. They wish desperately for us to come back when we leave them,
and in the beat of a heart, would give their very lives to protect us.
They love us whether we are kind, or unkind, and are quick to forgive
our angry words and harsh treatment. Surely they are much better
friends than we deserve. We owe them the best of ourselves, of our
patience and kindness and empathy, especially as we teach them all the
mystifying, confusing aspects of existing in our human world. Incapable
of artifice or deceit, there is an innocence and clarity that shines
from a dog's eyes. They sit quietly concerned beside us when our hearts
are broken, trying to kiss away our tears, and when we are happy, they
leap for joy to share our pleasure. All they ask is to be near us, to
pass their lives at our side. We should be ever grateful, every day for
the grace that extended us the privilege of having such friends as
these., they are not just dogs! now go give your puggies a big hug from me, rosie and mikey

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

Thanks Carol. I hadn't seen that one. I love it. And it is sooooooo true. It was beautiful. I would like to copy it and put it up at club. Would you mind very much?

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ This is an extra-special thread.

The posts express deep love for dogs in general and Pugs in particular.

Really moving to read about the care for Pugs.