Top 5 Hated Pug Remarks!

5. Do they always snore?
4. Did they run into a door to get that smushed face?
3. Is their tongue always out?
2. We used to have pugs, but they never lived long so we switched breeds
1. Aww, they're so ugly, they're cute!

These are my top 5 pug pet peeves!! Feel free to share any others!


Marta (about 6 years ago)

I have never had anyone saying something like that to me about Loopy, is it really that common? Everyone simply points out how cute he is and ask me if they can pet him. I always have people stopping me to pet him when I take him for a walk.

cd (about 6 years ago)

i've just about heard them all. everyone loves a pug but not everyone wants to own one! if someone says anything insulting i usually respond with " why yes its true that dogs look like their owners" they usually back track pretty fast on the insult.

cd (about 6 years ago)

And yes there are a lot of people out there who do make comments some intentional others accidently (mostly good, others insulting) either way i never take it to heart unless its a threatening remark and yes there is a few of them out there too. if you have never heard any at all,then i wish i lived on your sunny side of the world.

lillianthepug (about 6 years ago)

Oh yes, I do get a lot of compliments and a lot of "I want a pug!" A trip to the groomers for nail trims sparked this post as a guy (former pug owner) went on to tell me about how both his pugs died at age 8 and it was so hard on them. He then asked me how old Lilly was like he was calculating how much longer I had with her! I don't want to think about that!!!

TRINITY25_99 (about 6 years ago)

I always get the "Awww he's so ugly he's cute!" I just ignore, and quite often I am asked if Pugs snore.

As for how long I have with Leo, I never think about that, I take each day as it comes, and Leo is turning 6 in Feb 2013, and he's still going strong, a happy engertic dog

elgor (about 6 years ago)

I haven't heard all of these but that last one I have to admit that I've heard a few times. I just ignore them ... what else can you do!?!

Like lillianthepug said ... I hear more "I want a pug!". We get a lot of attention every time we take them out! They are quite popular at our local McD's! LOL!!!

We all KNOW that our pugs aren't going to live forever - neither are we ... but just like us ... no one knows how long any of us have. So just enjoy each and every day is a blessing!!!

cd (about 6 years ago)

as for the age of pugs, i read that pugs can live for up to 20 years so don't count them out before they have a chance, they can live long and healthy..

Vicki-Boone (about 6 years ago)

I haven't heard all of these but I do get the 'he's so ugly he's cute,' but generally in a friendly way. I usually respond with 'i's true dogs look like their owners and lucky for Boone he has me as his mummy.'

The one thing I really hate with a passion is when people say he's fat!! Boone is the slimmest pug I've ever seen. He has a big puffy chest and muscley shoulders and the trimmest rear end ever. Not an ounce of fat on him, it's all the puggy skin. So this really irritates me when I know people with poms and yorkshire terriers that are clearly over weight. Grrrrrr! But mostly I get 'I want a pug so bad' remark and people always stop me in the street to pet him <3

kenv (about 6 years ago)

I get the comments about my Maggie being "fat" after she was spayed. I ignore these folks. After all, I have the pleasure of being "Pugged" by my three furkids-they do not.

vbpugmom (about 6 years ago)

Mostly I get "they're so cute" or "i want a pug".
As for age, there is a pug across the street who is at least 17 years old, if not 18. I hope mine can live long healthy lives also.

kbailey (about 6 years ago)

Bothers me when people ask if he's growling when he's just breathing. Can't they tell the difference! I generally have people oohing and aahing over charkas back face and I feel sorry for sookie. I think she's beautiful too!

Kricket10 (about 6 years ago)

we've got 2 brindle girls.... and i've even had people go out of their way to tell me that brindle pugs are shameful to the breed and how dare I support non AKC colors.... they're CKC papered and they don't even care to listen. Some people can be mean about pugs.... others just love them to death and then you know who the good people are

Corsario (over 5 years ago)

The ones I hate the most are the people that ask how much did I pay for my dogs, how much does a puppy cost, etc. It's like they're looking at the latest iPhone or something: to them it's just a matter of money, no other factors involved.
Also since the breed is not that popular here I keep having to spell 'P-U-G' to the people that don't know them. Sometimes I just give up and say yes to whatever they think they are (Chow, Sharpei, etc).

P.S. Kricket10... I would LOVE to have a brindle pug, I think they're unique and mysterious

KatB (over 5 years ago)

I have heard some of these. At the time it makes me mad, and even hurts that people can say such mean things. I have had people say the one about they don't leave long a few times. I always reply, " You won't either." But I have heard more commits of how cute than anything. Even people yelling out their car windows as they drive by, " WE LOVE YOUR PUG." That really makes my day. It's sad that people can say such mean things to people. I think I like what Thumpers Momma always said, "If you can't say somethin nice, don't say nothin at all".

RedRoss9 (over 5 years ago)

I was in Petsmart one day back when I just had Molly. A lady and her young son, probably about 2 or 3, were walking by. Mom pointed at Molly and said "Hey! Look at that ugly little dog, honey." That made me rather angry, so I crouched down, gave Molly some love and said "Hey, my pretty girl. Look at that ugly little boy." I got the death glare from Mom and felt rather good about it.

Patty25 (over 5 years ago)

One of my brothers-in-law used to call my Angel ugly. I told him she's my baby and beautiful to me so KNOCK IT OFF! Everyone else in my clan thought she was too cute and always cuddled her. One of the funniest comments I got was when my daughter and I were walking her, and someone came up to me and asked where I got that "pudge"! lol

RedRoss9 (over 5 years ago)

Honestly, doesn't anyone have manners anymore? You just don't tell someone to their face that their children are ugly, so why is that acceptable to do to someone's dog? Especially in this day and age where dogs ARE people's children? Rude. I know that my response wasn't much better but dang, I was mad! I don't care if a dog or baby or cat or whatever looks like a baboon's backside, you ALWAYS say "Oh, what a beautiful _______!". *end rant*

KatB (over 5 years ago)

Red, It really saddens me. I really feel the same way. We're talking about pugs here, but isn't it the same with everything now days. Someone's always got to mess up a good thing. I strongly wish that things could go back to that time when people cared more about each other. Were more respectful of others feelings. Morels and values, please and thankyou, helpful to others. It was a happier time then. I miss it. I think people are so miserable with their lives today, it's more like, lets see who else I can make feel bad.

Geoff, Lyn & Scrumpy (over 5 years ago)

Scrumpy gets the OOh isn't she fat quite often, but mostly from the townies on holidays, or from fat people. The local town's people all love scrumpy and she gets the first hello's, then then say hi to us. Scrumpy feels specially good to have so many admirers & can't wait for her daily trips into town for her walks. :

kelleyg2 (over 5 years ago)

I have heard every single one of those from your list. Although Red, I have never had anyone truly call my pug ugly to my face.
But, I have also run into pug lovers at petsmart and they told me how beautiful my pug was.

Rita (over 5 years ago)

Only once have I had anyone say anything not nice about Zena, went through the drive thru at Burger King and the young girl at the window told me they have a pure bred pug and is a shame people have mixed them with other breeds and that she does not look like thier pug. I just smiled and said I can show you her papers! I mostly get Love your pug, wish I had one. And have to be careful how often go to Diary Queen as they give her free ice cream.

MysweetValentine (about 5 years ago)

I get the is she a pure bred? Her coat is so soft she must be a mix breed. I find hat insulting because she is a pure bred. I chose not to get her papers because she's my baby and I won't be showing her or breeding her. Besides she is so soft because she is bathed once a week and brushed several times a week (to control shedding). Pugs may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they sure are mine. I'm already thinking about adding a second puggy baby to my pug pack.

Frankie2009 (about 5 years ago)

I get that too, mysweetvalentine. As far as I know or care Frankie is all Pug. and looking at you fur kid I would also say she is a pure breed, there is a lot of varaince in ever breed.

I never thought Pugs were ugly, even before I had one. I can't go anywhere where people don't just love Frankie. If I see another pug, I always stop and pet them and talk to the owners, about things that only other Pug parents get! like the pugtona!

RedRoss9 (about 5 years ago)

One of my new flyball friends has two azawakhs. They're African sighthounds, tall, skinny, elegant, and pretty much the anti-Pug in every way you can think of. My friend thinks that Gus is the most beautiful, clever, and sweet boy ever and wants to take him home with her! Her male Azawakh, Nuru, thinks that Gus is pretty groovy, and I love Nuru too! Inter-breed love and respect CAN exist! Why can't we all just appreciate people, dogs, and everything without being negative?

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ That others would directly say such negative remarks to Pug owners is a surprise.

All that I hear is how cute Zuji is, as well as comments on his petite size.

At 9-weeks, he's no giant. The diminutive face and small stature contrast with larger dogs.

Where I live chocolate toy poodles are easily the most popular breed.

One quality of Zuji that stands out is the size of his paws — they're large!