Trimming problem.

Hey everyone. I am hoping someone can help.

As you know Rexi is a fluffy pug, he suffers from terrible tear stains caused by his long fur touching his eyes; what i need is a suggestion how to get rex to let us trim his facial fur. I have managed it once properly, he allowed me to trim his chin and with a little help I manged to trim his around his eyes; but since then we have had no real success; i hvae tried creating a quiet enviroment, he had been napping in the guest room on his favourite blanket, i lay next to him, gently stroking him and we talked nicely and calmly, as soon as i picked up the sissors he put his head down, each time i would try to pick it up he moved; if i try to hold him he just moves his head about as soon as i am about to trim. Strange part is, if his eyes are irrtating him, he will allow me to wipe fur away with my fingers and use a eye lotion wipe to remove glupe staying quite still as i do it; i wish my finger had magic hair trimming abilities too!

He also hates having his nails trimmed; i can play with his feet all day, but as soon as the clippers come out, he whips his paw away just as i am about to snip!

Any suggestions?


three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

I am no help to you at all kat...we have to take our puggies to the vet to have their nails trimmed, we have tried everything but between the screaming and running and hiding it just isn't worth it!  So, 3 min. at the vet $35.00 plus a office call their nails are trimmed for another month...

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Is their someone else in your family that can help you hold Rexi? Or you could take him to a groomer and ask them just to do around his face for you. They would not charge but a few dollars to do just the face I bet. And usually nails only cost about $8 dollars. That's what they charge here.

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

We have tried to hold him and he freaks out totally, doing so he has even crawled under the sofa to get away from us, we have to lift the sofa to get him back out! I have thought of taking him to a groomer; over here dog grooming can work out expensive,  not that i mind if I thought they would actually manage to it! The nurse at the vets will trim his nails for around £5, I just thought it may be easier to just do it myself rather than having to book an appointment.

Thx ladies, I think I shall see if we have a local groomer and give it ago.

cd (almost 7 years ago)

no scissors near their face, i use an electric trimmer works well and pup doesnt seem to mind too much

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

WoW  our vet here charges an office call plus $15,00 each to do their nails so it is a total of 45.00 plus 30,00....i need to move to need to learn to cut their

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

I think Rexi must be related to the Sass!  We cannot trim her nails!   NO, NO!  She needs to go to the vet, and it takes THREE of us, me, the Vet, and his assistant to get her done!  She is like she is possesed!   

She is strong like bull!  As far as the facial hair, probably the bet thing would be to go to a groomer and save yourself all that grief.  She will do the glands, the nailss, give a nice bath, and a nice haircut.  Ours charges $33.00 for the lot (not on our pug, but one of our other dogs)  She does a great job of doing the tear stains too - shop around a bit and see what they would charge you, maybe just for the face and the nails.

Sofezmom (almost 7 years ago)

Great idea about the electric razor. I only do bathes...that's enough drama in itself. I take Sophia once a month to a groomer to do the bootie squeeze (glands), trim the nails, get 4 oz of all natural/sugarless cookies (made locally), tip the groomer $5 and I'm out of there under $30. Well worth it to me. I would probably let them do the bathing too but Sophia would be traumatized if they got any where near her with a dryer. Good luck with the trimming....

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

So I called a couple of groomers out of the free ad paper. I can honestly say I wanted to punch them!

First conversation...

(Me) Hi, i wonder if you can help.....I have a fluffy pug, he needs his fur around his eyes trimmed, his nailed clipped, also could you clean his ears?

(Groomer) Hello, I only do long haired dogs.

(Me) His has fluffy hair.

(Groomer) He's a pug.

(Me) Yeah, but he has fluffy, kinda long hair.

(Groomer) You said he was a pug.

(Me) Yeah, he looks and acts just like a pug, but he has fluffly hair.

(Groomer) I don't like...........(long pause)  pugs, they ...............look funny.

(Me) Are you currently high?

(she puts the telephone down on me)

Next conversation.

(Me) Hi.

(Groomer) Hiya.

(Me) I wonder, I have a fluffly pug; he needs his fur trimmed around his eyes, his nails clipped and could you possibly do his ears.

(Groomer) Of course! I charge £25 for the works.

(Me) He only needs face hair trimmed, nails and ears cleaned

(Groomer) Sure, I bath them, dry them off, brush them down, trimmed, nails and ears.

(Me) He won't need a bath I shall do that, and please don't turn the dryer on.

(Groomer) I will have to dry him after I have bathed him.

(Me) NO Please don't bath or dry him.

(Groomer) Okay, no bath or dry.......I do tints.

(Me) You do what?

(Groomer) Tints

(Me) As in coloured tints?

(Groomer) Yeah.

(Me) No, he doesn't need a tint.

(Groomer) What colour is he?

(Me) He a fawn.

(Groomer) A Boy? No I said what colour?

(I am screaming with laughter now in my head, I do honestly believe this one is high!)

(Me) Like a cream colour.

(Groomer) Ohhhhhh bless.....What type of dog his he again?

(Me) Pug, but fluffy.

(Groomer) ohhhhhhh sweet......What do they look like again?

(Me) How long have you been a groomer?

(Groomer) About a month now!

I just hung up on her! I couldn't take it, he would have come back with a perm and a blue tint.

Anyway, I called my vet about nail clipping and asked about groomers, thankfully they have a list of ones they recommend; I don't care of the cost, as long as I know they listen to me and I actually get back my dog! I am popping in tomorrow to get a copy of numbers!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Pug hugs!

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

LOLOLOL!  That's awful.  Funny but awful!   Maybe you should get Rexi died pink!  Gaaahhhh!  Keep trying, you will find what you need.  I will pray for you.

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

Hey everyone.  I called in at the vet and picked up the list of groomers they reccommend. First one I spoke to is coming to the house Saturday; I explained what he is, his personality and how he freaks at the thought of any kind of grooming. So she will come in and meet Rex first in his house (I thought this was a great idea, as much as he likes to new people he doesn;t like to be picked up by them and instantly crys like a baby to be handed back to me, where he then clings on for dear life) Have a chhat and see how she can help him, then come back on sunday in her kitted out van and do a test run to see how he of charge!!! Thats pretty cool rght?

docand (almost 7 years ago)

Hi Kat, The only one of my girls that I trim, is Lilo the cat.  She's the only one I can hold down and I even get a bite sometimes.  ( Might even draw blood).  It costs $8.00 at the groomers or $12.00 at the vets for Libby and Lexi.  Shampoo, nails, and ears are $29.00 at the groomers.  Good Luck!                Doc

RosienMikeysMom (almost 7 years ago)

OMG, kat....your post is toooo funny!!!!! kinda sad too though that these people are groomers and have sharp instruments in their hands . the groomer you chose sounds like a keeper...good luck and let us know how it sounds like it's gonna be a good story

kenv (almost 7 years ago)

I have never seen a fluffy pug. He is adorable. We have a little terrier, & she hates to have her eye hair trimmed. We use baby scissors & she has gotten used to them (sorta), she has to be in the mood to let us trim her. We pull out the scissors & let her smell them & look at them, then we stroke her facial hair with them, & when she gets used to them she will let us trim her hair---- IF she is in the mood.

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

@ Knev Thank you, adoreable is one word I would call him lol We use baby scissors lol let me repharse....we try to use baby scissors lol we have let him smell them and he just tries to take them from us, getting no where needs his eyes.

Got nice lady groomer coming this afternoon for coffee, cake and a Rexi meet and greet, lol should be ammusing lol I shall lt you know how she gets on!

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Kat and Rex. You crack me up! HAHAHA! That was so funny. Hope this one works out for you. Repeated trys at these things will be your best bet. I mean haveing the groomer doing this for you. A good groomer will know just what to do. And with repeated trimmings Rex will give in, and allow it to be done. Then have the groomer help you learn to do it yourself. I am one that like to stand in and watch. That's how you learn first hand. When I first got my MinPin, She had alot of bad luggage from her previous owner. We had to almost hog tie her to get the nails trimmed. Took many hands to hold, and even had to wrap her in a papoos hold with a bath towel as she would let go the anal glands on ya, and then poop on you to boot. HA!

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

So the grooming lady came, she was lovely; she was actually here when i got home from the centre, she was playing ball with flower out back lol She was really good with Rex, ingored him until he calmed down (he's loon when meeting new people) and allwed him to sniff her; she listened to me and what he can be like so she has a pretty good idea of what to expect tomorrow when she comes back to test run with him.

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

The idea of a groomer that comes to the house is great!  We used to have one and were really sorry when she moved away, and the dogs loved her.  Then we had to go out and find another groomer, and we didn't like the new one as much.  But now we have a really nice one, but I admit she does not groom our pug.  

Kat_and_Rex (over 6 years ago)

Well it didn't go well; we had screaming and crying that poor groomer. Apart from the screaming going into the groomers van and trying to bite her face, Rexi got so upset he puked, he body temp went up and was panting so hard he could hardly breathe.

I went in the van after he puked and he clung to me so tightly he scratched my shoulder and neck. So we figured we shall sit in the van just chatting seeing if he will calm down, he didn't that was when he had problems breathing.

We I took back inside, he still wouldn't let go when his nana tried to hold him so I could see to my neck.

The groomer was really nice about it all, we tried to pay her something as she too got pretty scratched up but she wouldn't take it. She did say that she would come back and try again, but my partner said no, he would rather have a scuffy boy than an upset one.

Oh well, it was worth a try, mother suggested putting a little whisky in his water to knock him out lol, my partner said no to that suggestion.....seeing it was his whisky lol

cd (over 6 years ago)

when our pup starts to panic we put a towel over her face and do her feet carefully by the time she realizes whats going on we have atleast 2 feet trimmed sometimes it takes a couple tries but the job gets done.( one person holds her and one person does the trimming)

RosienMikeysMom (over 6 years ago)

OMG!!!! was it rexi screaming and crying, the groomer or both?... just kidding. i feel your pain, my rosie used to be like that when it was nail trimming time. when we first got her, i made it a point to get her used to nail clipping and at first she was fine. then one day, out of nowhere, this 6 month old puppy turned into satan. i would take 3 adults to hold her down while she literally screamed. i never heard sounds like that coming from a dog. i had to take her to the vet cause i just couldn't take it anymore. they didn't have the emotional attachment to her that i did and just clipped away as she was held down by 2 vet techs and as rosie had flying poo coming out of her embarassing. then we got mikey, he just about gave me his paw to clip his nails...i was shocked. rosie sat by watching the whole thing as we praised mikey for being such a good boy. rosie, not to be upstaged as the golden pug, was not happy that mikey was getting the attention and i looked down and said, "do you want to be a good girl?" i picked her up, put her on the kitchen table and with my daughter's help, clipped her nails with absolutely NO problem....go figure. now all of a sudden, mikey is the crazy pug. i swear his head will spin and pea soup will come out of his mouth when we try and cut his nails now. when he went in for his dental, and he was put under, i had the vet do his nails so i didn't have to deal with it. it's about time he needs his nails done again and i'm NOT looking forward to it. i know this sounds strange but maybe you can have rexi watch another dog have his face trimmed...who might work

Kat_and_Rex (over 6 years ago)

@Rosie and mikeys mom lol both were screaming by the emd of it lol

I like the idea of him watching another dog be trimmed, he is smart enough to realise it shouldn't be a problem. I am thinking it may be a visit to the vets. When he was small he let me do it and would just stand on the desk in front of me, now he is a stroppy teenager!

three_cute (over 6 years ago)

What a good laugh this morning, and of course something that most of us "owned by pugs" can relate to...just to funny, although not for rexi, poor baby...the groomer sounds like a very good dog person though!!

MySkye (over 6 years ago)

i feel your pain Skye was an angel sat still and enjoyed every bit of her beauty routine when she was younger and out of the blue she just went crazy one day when i tried, i took her to the groomers and two of them managed without too much trouble, we tried ourselves again the other day and i managed to trim the back two paws but it all got too much when we tried the front, back to the groomers again maybe..

i will keep trying myself, i know im not hurting her physicaly, its just she struggles so had sometimes we are the ones likely to get hurt! LOL

its good to know its not just Skye that is like this though.

Mrduke (over 6 years ago)

We take our pug mr duke to the vet for a nail trim.  One vet had to muzzle him and did a bad job of trimming, but he really freakes out.  We take him to a vets office now where we always ask for Paula.  She sings to him and believe it or not we hear very little from the back room other than her singing.People request her. 

docand (over 6 years ago)

With our previous pug Gretta, when getting her nails clipped at the vets, she would go absolutly crazy, biting, scratching, screaming,and any other disruptive pratice she could think of.  Her vet file was even tagged to watch out for sharp teeth.  She knew how to fit that little mouth around fingers and hands.  She was strickly daddy's lil girl.  If I was removed from sight, she would calm down somewhat and was manageble.  Try walking away and just leave him with the groomer.  If he knows that you are around, he'll put on a show.  Good Luck!!!      Doc

pugs4love (over 6 years ago)

whenever he lets you cut off even a snippit or just stays still whip out a treat. or give him one and when he bends down, snip!  Give him around 3 treats and you should be good. as for the nails tell him to stay clip one nail and give him a treat. clip 3 and give him a treat reinforcing stay, if he really needs it after you clip pet and praise for a minute but afrter you give him the treat otherwise he forgets what the treat was for. Hope this helps!

Kat_and_Rex (over 6 years ago)

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

We have thought of the treat idea, he used to have choc drops, but they had to stop as they were adding to his bad tummy problems; so he really doesn't get treats apart from his ice lollies, of which can not be taken away without a temper tantrum.

We will see wat we can do with a litle cheese!

Zuji (7 months ago)

~ These posts describe several approaches to addressing nail trimming anxiety.

I'm surprised that it's such an issue. This thread is a helpful education to me.