Two pugs??

Hi everyone, I really need some advice/wisdom on the age old question of 2 pugs or one...

My dilemma... We have been seeing a 9 month old Pug called Pepper who we loved and are getting on Saturday (16th Dec) VERY excited. I've loved Pugs for years and now I am able to get one (since I now have my own house) everything seemed okay. Once seeing the breeder, she also has a 5 year old Pug, called Bert who is actually Pepper's dad! They get along great. She is more on the quiet side, he was slightly more energetic. Now, the breeder, who is a lovely woman has told us we can have Bert, if we want.

Bearing in mind, we will go from no dogs, to two, (but our family has always had dogs so it's not too new to us, as have my partners fam) The breeder said she will always take one, or both back if for whatever reason we couldn't cope, or for whatever reason would mean giving them up. If anyone here has two pugs, please, please, please can you be honest and mean (ha-ha) with your thoughts and opinions??

My issue is more of a what if. What if I need to give Bert or Pepper back? It would crush me. I guess I am afraid of making the wrong choice, no matter which one I choose.

Thank you in advance x


cd (8 months ago)

My first 2 pugs were father and daughter, best decision I ever made.You will need to get her fixed at first opportunity. (maybe both) They will keep each other company. They will play together, Just make sure you treat each of them equally as they can get jealous. I think you may find 2 pugs are easier to look after.

cathym (8 months ago)

I have always had two pugs. They bond so beautifuly. IT's so funny Mia Anne eats first while Emily Sue waits till she is done before she eats. I would never not have two pugs at one Mia Anne is from a farm in Iowa and Emily Sue is from Wisconsin. They love each eac h other so much you would think they were related. One goes nuts when the other is being groomed and left in the house while the other one is in the grooming truck. Yes get two!