Urgent help appreciated. New pug owner.

Hi guys,

So i got a 3 month old pug this christmas which is really nice but i'm a student and fairly busy all the time. My parents both work everyday too and there is no one in the house to look out for her. She (Bella) is really cute and we all try our best to take her out and take care of her.

The problem starts here: My dad is very bad with her training and always feeds her unnecessarily when she barks, as a result she always wakes him up every night at 4AM which he is fed up with now. Bella never comes to my room so i'm not even awake to know about all this.
Even more, she has literally urinated all over the carpet as the whether in London is so terrible that I can't take her out after meals.
Even more (YES there's more) Bella always barks unnecessarily ALL the time, literally the smallest change and she would bark at it for half an hour.

Can anyone give me a few tips with all this. I mean with the excessive barking and the waking my dad up in the morning.

Thank you so much in advance.


Corsario (about 5 years ago)

Short answer: Find her a new home.

Long answer:
All of these are problems you've brought on yourself, and as a result you have an unhappy dog. In order to solve ALL the problems listed above, you have to adjust YOUR life to the puppy, not the other way around.

Dogs are NOT iPads: you can't expect them to be fully trained and obedient 'out-of-the-box'. She's 3 months, of course she's gonna have accidents! And taking a dog out is like, what, 5 minutes? I know London, and you cannot be serious about blaming the weather.

Excessive barking = energy not spent. If you don't have time for a daily walk of at least half an hour, find someone who does.
The night food problem? How about you let the pug sleep in your room, that way you can prevent her from begging for food in the middle of the night.

But like my short answer said, yours seem like the classic 'I can't have a dog right now' situation. I know, because I've been there. And there's only one solution that's really fair to the dog.

RedRoss9 (about 5 years ago)

I've been there! Busy busy busy with a baby Pug that you love, but that drives you up the wall sometimes. When I got Molly I was working two jobs and still barely able to pay my bills. The weather was frigid and icy. It was a terrible time for me to have a dog, but from the moment I laid eyes on Molly, I was in love! I'm sure that its the same for you and Bella. Keep in mind that she is still young, and only knows what she has been taught.

For the urination issue, it is essential that she goes outside on a frequent and regular schedule. Clean any accident spots with an enzymatic cleaner so that she can't smell it anymore. Confine her to a crate or easily cleaned area if she is not under direct supervision. Consider using training pads, also called piddle pads.

For the barking...good luck. Mine still barks like a mad thing. Loudly and frequently. Working on some counter conditioning with her. Look it up on the Internet.

The important thing to remember is that everyone in the household has to be on board with any training. You have to be consistent. By feeding her when she barks your father is teaching her that it is good to bark!

Have you considered hiring a dog walker to come and take her on walks when you aren't home? Consider a dog day care situation? They can both prevent accidents as well as wear off some of her energy to bark. A tired dog is a happy dog, so get her a coat and take her for walks whether she wants to go or not. Perhaps also consider seeking the services of a dog trainer. I know that it's possible to take basic obedience classes for fairly low prices here in the US, but not so sure about the UK. My recollections from my time spent in London are that things cost a wee bit more over there! And there's always the Internet for training tips. KatB here on pugspot is a phenomenal trainer. Perhaps she will help out.

Perhaps consider letting Bella sleep with you, or in a crate in your room. That way you control what she does and when. I ended up doing that with Molly and I feel like it just improved our relationship. I love pug snuggles at bedtime! Plus it's more time you get to spend with her.

I know that we all have busy lives and it can be really difficult to find a balance between work, family, pets, fun, chores, etc. I firmly believe that with some proper training and the help of every member of your family, you can turn this situation around. Sure it will take time and maybe some money, and it certainly isn't easy, but the love of a Pug is worth it. Stick with it, and remember that we are here to advise.

Best of luck!

lesley brown (about 5 years ago)

Please give your pug the time and training it deserves. We have a 9 week old puppy - what joy and love but hours of attention and toilet training.

KatB (about 5 years ago)

mehran heidari, Everyone is right above. You father has to understand he has played a big part in this pug barking. He has created very bad habit. This pug now knows that when she barks she is going to get food. She is a pug and pug love food. He has to stop. Food should be given twice a day in morning and evening. Pick the same time everyday. Treats should be given for reward for good behavor. You are going to have to start over with somethings to retrain her. Make dad understand, no more food. When she starts barking at 4am, or any other time you don't want her to, Use a water spray bottle set on stream. And use a command word, like, " KNOCK IT OFF, Or BE QUIET". Use in commanding voice, along with the squirt in the face. This should help stop the behavor. Also, do you have a crate or cage for Bella? If not get one, put her inside of it and get her use to one, put it in your room at night next to your bed so she can see you. Put water bottle in reach if needed.
The potty training, start over from the beginning. Adjust to everyones schedule for work and school. Take her out side every hour on lead (rain or shine). Don't let her have the run of the house until she improves. The weeing on the carpet, you will have to shampoo it and get rid of the smell, or she will continue. Everyone has to be on board with the training. It's not Bellas fault, it you and your family for not getting her what she needs. Hope this helps.

lisaandpuglett (about 5 years ago)

puppy pugs have a lot of energy and need regular short walks - you all need to either come together with a training plan that u all stick to and a schedule ( out for wee after she eats, plays and sleeps) make an area for her With fresh water, bedding toys and pee pads, gate the area off to keep her safe if you are gone ??? Can someone come home during day ? To let her out pee and walk ?? If not it will take you a very long time to housetrain !!! this is a massive commitment and unless you start training now I am afraid it will get a lot worse... you will find lots of advice n this forum but unless you are committed to her - it won't work...

Tonkatot (about 5 years ago)

Hi Mehran, what Kat and a few others have said is right. With the barking for food thing, its totally your dad's fault because he has taught her that when she barks she will get food. He has also taught her when she barks at 4am, he will get up and give her food. I think Kat and RedRoss' idea of having her sleep in your room in her crate is a very good one. Since she's so food driven, you might try giving her a small treat when she initially goes in, ONLY if she objects.

There will definitely be some long nights for a little while until she gets used to the new routine, but they are fairly adaptable so hopefully that will be short lived.

In terms of her peeing everywhere.... I live in the Vancouver (BC (Canada)) area, and like you we have copious amounts of terrible huge rain drops... Tonka still goes outside. When its really bad he wears his raincoat. I will tell you, if its super gross out, he takes care of business MUCH faster than when its sunny lol If you 100% can not take Bella out, as RedRoss suggested, try the training/puppy pads. It will at least give her a small area that is ok to go potty on while inside. They are about 2.5x4 feet and you can get a plastic holder for them (not sure how to describe it any better... kind of like a frame) so she doesn't drag it around or rip it up while playing with it. They're scented with something (not noticable to us in an apartment sized area), that makes the dog know that's where to pee.

Good luck!

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ That Bella was three months old and barked a lot was interesting.

Zuji hasn't ever barked yet. He whines, whimpers and makes play growls when with certain toys, tail wagging front down and bottom up.

But nothing like barking.

He never receives food or treats for anything but the very best behavior, and seems to grasp that reality.