What Are Some Good Things To Get My Pug Puppy?

I am getting a fawn pug puppy on July 18th, and don't know what I should get him. He will be 8 weeks when I get him and I am trying to prepare for a new puppy. What are some useful things to make my pug comfortable and happy in his new home. Also, what are some good toys to get (I also have a pool in my backyard)? My avatar is a picture of my pug puppy. Please help a newbie like me!



KatB (over 5 years ago)

Hello, PugsMakeTheWorldGoRound, Puppia harness, Get Micro chipped by Vet or ID Tag with you name and address, phone. Crate/or cage-Med-Large. Doggie bed. Maybe a childs Pressor Gate. Potty pads. Stainless steel food bowls, are a must for pugs. They go through a pug acne stage. Where they get pimples around their muzzles and chin. You will want to clean face, wrinkles, and ears every other day. Ear cleaner for dogs, I like Dr. Golds Ear Theropy. Doggie shampoo. A couple cheap, water squirt bottles, your gonna need these. HA! Toys??? Knock yourself out. They love toys. We ALL recommend you Spoil the Pugs.

cd (over 5 years ago)

I would also say to look over the forums questions and answers, it will help to get to know pugs a little better.

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ An 8-week old Pug puppy is a whirlwind of comical energy when not soundly sleeping.

Toys which are small enough to be carried in the mouth, toys in which simple treats might be placed, and a ball or two for fetch games are all likely to be appreciated.

Not to mention time, attention, patience and flexibility, as little Pugs thrive on gentle interaction and loads of affection.