Whos pug has to be in your lap or next to you all the time?

So Buster isn't happy unless I am petting him or he is in my lap. I need a larger computer chair. He has really attached to me even though I am his third owner. I took him to a friends once to work on our vehicles. We went to Autozone friends wife said he wined the whole time I was gone.

IMG_20140904_184646293 by matthew_troiano, on Flickr


What-the-pug (about 4 years ago)

Yeah Loki follows me everywhere, has to lay next to me or sit on me, he will sometimes scratch and whine at the door if I goto the toilet without him, lol.
I have been told when I have left him with family he whines and looks around for me...unless their is food. Pugs eh!

Patty25 (about 4 years ago)

My sweetie, Angel, used to do the same. She loved sitting on the couch with me, squished between me and the arm of the couch! If we had company over, she wanted to be wherever I or hubby was. If we were on the computer, she was there, on your lap! She's at the rainbow bridge now, so that is one of my favorite memories of her, always wanting to be with her peeps!

lee (about 4 years ago)

My pugs follow me everywhere, yes even to the toilet. If I move they move. My pug Jackson is literally on my heels, I know one day we're both going to take a good fall. What can I say I love both of my little guys.

Ximena&Leo (about 4 years ago)

Mine begs to be on my lap. He follows me everywhere even to the toilet. Curious how do you add photo to this comment?

Insanity (about 4 years ago)

I use a photo hosting sight. Flickr up load to that then select the correct link copy and paste.

brittk217 (about 4 years ago)

Percy is the same way....even hops in the shower with me :/ i guess our pugs love us....maybw a little too much lol