I had a devastating call from my vet yesterday to tell me that my 12 year old pug has malignant melanoma in her upper gum.
She needs to have X-rays to check whether it has spread to her chest.
She already had general anaesthetic 2 weeks ago to remove the epulis & was poorly following that because of damage to her trachea from the intubation. Her breathing was awful. She has still not fully recovered.
Can the X-rays be carried out under sedation rather than GA?


Zuji (12 months ago)

~ sueburrows:

This is such sad news.

I feel very bad for your beloved Pug.

After asking a local veterinarian, he said that he has often made canine X-rays with patients under sedation.

I hope that there will be a satisfactory outcome.

sueburrows (12 months ago)

Thank you for your comment. Such a very sad, stressful time!
I am definitely going to ask my vet about sedation.