is from Nebraska and has been a member for almost 9 years

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Mom2Pugs (almost 9 years ago)

Hi 2PugMama, I am Mom2Pugs!  Your babies are adorable!  As you may guess I have two as well, one male named Desi and my little girl named.....Bella!  Great name after all they are beautiful!  Welcome to Pug Spot check out Forums that is where we all communicate! 

Lilmonkey (almost 7 years ago)

Hi 2PugMama,
I am also the mom of 2 pug girls, Ming and Tinker, littermates, now 6 months old...and am also originally from Nebraska ( Omaha ) , now live NJ for almost 25 years.
Just joined this, so will be adding pics of my 2 girls.
I'm a former pug owner as well, we had Wonton, for 15 fantastic years of life, and lost her about a year and a half ago.....took my husband and I quite some time to open our hearts again...but now have these adorable but challenging puppy girls.