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vinnythepug (about 9 years ago)

Hi Little PugMate! I'm Vinny the Pug and I thought I'd stop over to say hello.  I here you recently

bought a human family.  Well, they're really not too hard to train, just remember to give them lots

of love and walk them at least twice or three times a day so they can empty their bladders. If you

have any questions feel free to drop me a not.  Meanwhile take good care little pugmate.


Vincent Thomas Pug

aka Vinny the Pug

puggylou (about 9 years ago)

pugsley and your son look like best friends. they are so cute together!! no wonder he wanted a pug-they are the best dogs in the world!!! my real name is pugsly louise, and yours being pugsley, pretty close names!!

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

awsome! thanks pugsley, your so nice

pugs and kisses love puggy lou (the pink hat girl!)



Luvmyboys (almost 9 years ago)

yeah, that stayed on for a week or so....He is doing 100% better no real lasting problems from surgery

xyzmtandb (about 7 years ago)

thanks for your comment!!! i hope to post more pix again soon i always enjoy pugsleys pix too ! jsut too adorable!