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puggylou (about 9 years ago)

hello!! welcome to pugspot!! penny is so cute i gave her three treats. enjoy, i wish they could be real!!

Beazleysmom (about 9 years ago)

Hello BeffyPugPenny,

Thanks for your message on Beazley.  You have a very cute pug too.  You asked about the doggie stroller.  Ours says up to 20 lbs, but I think it could hold more and that the manufacturer is more concerned with a larger dog (over 20 lbs) tearing through the screen.  FYI...I purchased our doggie stroller at Pet Smart, however you can also purchase other doggie strollers at this website.  http://www.discountramps.com/discount-pet-strollers.htm?gclid=CLPo0vPJyZwCFShRagod9CbgJg

Here's another good site that has lots of cool things.  www.handsnpaws.com

Good Luck!  Thanks again for the message and have a wonderful weekend.


ladycher (about 9 years ago)

Hi BeefyPugPenny, Our pugs sound quite alike one another. Wilbur is sociable and likes people, but he's not real crazy about other dogs. We als have an elder Pekinese and he constantly torments her. Wibur is my first pug, I've wanted one forever it seems like. I finally foundt the RIGHT one. He bonded to me instantly, and I to him. Everyone says Wilbur looks fat but he is very solid. Some people don't realize pugs are naturally stout and wide.  I wouldn't want a skinny pug. I'll take Wilbur just like he is. Penny is adorable. I think Wilbur would like HER. Who wouldn't? 

Wilbur and his Mom 


Twirds (about 9 years ago)

Hi Las Vegas friends!  We just say you message from a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks for saying that my pugs are cute.  We think so tooo!!!  They make us very happy..  Penny is so very cute too!  She likes to go to starbucks too!  We love starbucks.  We get to go there every time we get our nails done.  It is our special treat.