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Mom2Pugs (almost 9 years ago)

I know you are frustrated with the puttying in the house.  Were you able to try some of the suggestions from Pug Spot?  Bessie is a beautiful pug, she looks allot like my Desi. 

 He is very Alfa male and wants to mark the entire WORLD!  So, I know how that can get to you.  However, I remind myself of all the funny, cute and loving things he does on a daily basis.  And over time we have found ways to change this behavior, although he still wants to mark anything new that enters the house!  LOL 

Any way this is one of the ways we got Desi to do his business outside.  We were told to put a towel on the chair he liked to pee on.  When he peed on the towel, we were to put it on the floor at the door we want him to go out of to get to the yard.  We did this and what do you know he peed on it at the door.  If we see him using the towel we were to praise him.  Once he knew that the towel is the place to go were told to move it just outside the door.  And watch him and praise him when he goes on it.  Then once he is comfortable with that we removed it and would just watch him and be sure to praise him as he would go in the yard.  Ps we trashed the towel!  LOL Maybe this would help Bessie get the message that she is to go outside?  Marti....and my gang   Desi and Bella