is from Western North Carolina and has been a member for about 6 years

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docand (about 6 years ago)

Bridgette, welcome to our web-site. I'm so glad to hear of a B&B that is crazy about pugs. If ever in N.Carolina, we will look your home up. We don't travel with Lexi though(at least not far away), but it would solve our home-sickness for her. We were in Calif. in June, for a wedding, and we found a young couple walking their pug. Did I ever "fuss" him over. Than I got lonesome for my Lexi. Welcome to PugSpot!..........Doc and his girls

brigette (about 6 years ago)

Thanks, Doc! I secretly want to turn our B&B into a pug rescue and just have oodles of happy pugs all over the place. We are definitely crazy about our pugs! And of course, our boys love to help our guests get their pug fix! We were in Savannah last year for vacation (went for a walk while our boys were taking a nap) and stopped a woman on the street who had two pugs -- had to fuss over them, of course, and we had only been away from ours for an hour!