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bobbibig123 (almost 4 years ago)

I am looking to purchase a pug from the AJ pug ranch this Saturday. Are you still happy with your purchase from them? I lost my best buddy Puggy last week and I am heartbroken. I don't want to rush the purchase but they did happen to have one that someone decided they did not want. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

c_adams (almost 4 years ago)

So sorry for your loss, but yes I am very pleased with my pug I got from them. The breeders are wonderful people and I have not had any issues health wise. I will probably be getting another one from them next year.

cathym (almost 4 years ago)

My sister works for a vet and one of the girl's she works with shows dogs. She said looking at the pictures on their web site that the dogs have hip problems.so we crossed them off our list. They don't show dogs so I don't know if they breed up to standard. We found a breeder in Wisconsin, We have been waiting since July and were finally at the butt sniffing stage so we hope by March we should have a baby. They only breed show dogs but from what we went through losing one at 4 and one at 6 we can not go through that again we need to know that they are really healthy. Even though they only breed once a year they come from a show background we will have a companion dog. I have know I idea how to show, I just want a healthy dog. But I do suggest what ever you decide get pet insurance

pascha620 (almost 3 years ago)

c_adams have you had any problems with your pug from aj pug ranch thus far? I am taking a visit up there soon. I have talked to both of them. They both seem pretty nice.

Amysnow33 (over 2 years ago)

We got our Pug from AJ Pug Ranch last year. He just turned 1 on January 15th and we couldn't be happier. He is healthy and wonderful. We were shown the entire Ranch and able to ask so many questions. Art and Jan were knowledgeable and so loving to the dogs. The facility was clean and the dogs seemed very happy. We will definitely be getting another Pug from them and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Pug pup at a reasonable price from a compassionate breeder.