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pugsly (about 8 years ago)

CAliBug Baxter is the cutest Brindle. We don't care who is relatives are he is most welcome here. Welcome to PugSpot and jump in anytime on the forums.
I'm Paul and my pugs are Pugsly,Frankie and Robbie

Laurie222 (about 8 years ago)

welcome Cailbug! Your Baxter is adorable !!! Who cares if he is purebred or not. I didn't pick a pug because it was a purebred, I fell in love with their faces & personalities & complete love-ability! Good luck with school.

Frankie2009 (about 8 years ago)

alot of people are not pug people at first....but after you look into their eyes for longer than 2 seconds you become there slave!!!! I swear my puggie man had jack russells some where in his background because he can jump onto the table from the floor......but pugs are michevious, and I would want him to be any other way, keeps me on my toes! enjoy it all.....hope see more updates on how things are going with you new friend for life!