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cathym (about 4 years ago)

Sophia Marie passed away from a blood clot. I'm so sad and angry that this was genetic and so was Olivia Rose dying at 4 from Cushings. Same breeder. I have learned alot over the last month. Stay away from breeders that only do it for the money and have puppies available all year long. Find a breeder that cares more about up holding the standard and health of your pug,They will also enjoy competing in shows and only breed once or twice a year. Well, I found such a breeder and though it's seems like forever away and if she get pregnant the end of August when she is suppose to go into heat I should have a new little puggy to take home the end of March.

cathym (over 4 years ago)

Yesterday I t was hot hot here in Chicago about 90 but not July 90 so we have the Windows opens it was 82 degrees in the house but very comfortable with the Windows open Sopia Marie was panting like crazy
not anything that was not normal she likes 75 and she fine. She eats fine likes her evening string cheese she loves her string cheese, it s her nightly treat. I.'m at work get a call from my niece,my Mom sleeps with Sophia every night,she get 's up goes to wake Sophia and she's cold and stiff there is blood coming out of her nose and rear end and she is dead. How did this happen one day fine and than she's she's gone. My Mother lost my Father in February after 53 years Sophia is her baby. She keeps crying, my baby my baby is gone. Why,why. This is harder than losing Papa. WE lost my Olivia Rose 2years ago this month. Now I thing their is something with the breeder. How can two dogs pass at 4 and 6 years old. I just can't believe she just died out of the blue. Some thing is not right with the needed we got them from we will wait for the test results.

cd (over 4 years ago)

it sounds like poison, is there any way she got into rat or mouse poison, it usually causes the bleeding. this needs to be posted in the forum section for responses. sorry for the loss of your puggy.

Christina Marie (about 3 years ago)

Hi cathym. I wanted to say thank you for the nice message. Reading your story is heartbreaking. I often wondered what the future held for Lucie health wise. I think she and I were lucky in that she never had anything major. She was almost completely blind when she passed, other than that.... Well, I will always love the breed take care.

cathym (over 2 years ago)

Oh j z she is still bleeding. She is still be bleeding and only Sue is humping her And Mia Anne is humping her. When is this going to stop. Are dogs gay?