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Beazleysmom (almost 9 years ago)

Sorry to respond so late to your question about whether or not Beazley likes the Ocean or the Beach. Actually, I'm not to sure how she feels about the beach. The sand seems to confuse her a bit...soft and squishy beneath her pads ya know? Now the ocean is easy to answer. Nope! She won't have any part of it. She explained that if she was supposed to be out in the water she would have been born with Scuba Gear. It's hard to argue with a Pug. Bella's a cuttie too!

frostnipper (almost 9 years ago)

hehehe my twins are brothers from a different mother.... LOL,,, love the pic of bella with the little basketball in her mouth.... so cute

Chyna (over 7 years ago)

Mrs.Marylou@ Thank you! I didn't know that! I'll stop feeding them grapes for now on!