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winston08 (over 8 years ago)

hi! I was just wondering how your little puggies got along at first...we are thinking about getting Winston a little fawn brother!

gert4242 (over 8 years ago)

I actually got the backpack at Petsmart out of all places. I believe it was $19....it was great for our camping trip and she really liked it!

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for sending birthday wishes my way, I was VERY excited to turn 2 (my mommie spoiles me a bit in case you didn't notice!) I sure wish I could share some of my cake with you. Instead, I'm sending licks and wags your way! Love, Maddie!

SamMorgan (over 8 years ago)

I love your Pug! I serously THINK ITS SO CUTE! I love the outfit You put on them! I love our PUGGIES!

lillianthepug (over 7 years ago)

Just saw you commented on a forum you're from central Iowa. I am too! I'm from Boone. It'd be fun to have a meet up sometime.. maybe when it's a little bit warmer

docand (almost 7 years ago)

Hi, I'm going to try walking you through this. Select you photo and download it to your photos. Now, bring up the PugSpot photos and click your photo. On the right of your screen you'll see embed, and below a box that says forum. Left click that box, than right click it. Now you left click copy. Go up to your browser box at the top of your screen(i.e.Google) than right click it. Now you can paste it to that box. It should read your picture info. Go back to the costume site and paste it to the site. Good luck! If you can't get it, I can try....